Toilet Training



Curse of a certain surfer

With a three-year-old boy who makes it to the toilet for one poo in 10 and as such believes he is too grown up for nappies, we live in a constant state of anxiety, bordering on terror.

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Toilet-training your toddler

Toilet training: time to take a seat

Toilet training can be frustrating for many parents, particularly those with little boys, says Illawarra GP Dr Margaret Perrott. Boys make up 90 per cent of the clients at her Figtree clinic where she assists parents with their children's toilet training, bedwetting and soiling control.

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Night time toilet training

While the ultimate goal with toilet training is to literally stay on target, you need to do the same figuratively speaking! You will naturally become more confident as time goes on, but it is almost certain your child will have more than one slip up.

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