Mum's genius hack for checking whether something is a choking hazard for her toddler

The mum demonstrated how many items are considered choking hazards.
The mum demonstrated how many items are considered choking hazards. Photo: Instagram

The possibility of your child choking on something is a terrifying thought— and an Instagram video has shown just how easily it can happen.

The clip, posted on the Tiny Hearts Education Instagram page, shows a simple trick to determine if something is a choking hazard.

"This is how I check to see if food or small items may potentially be a choking hazard for my bubs," the mum captioned the video, making a circle with her index finger and thumb.

"The circle is approx. the size of a child's airway aged zero-three. If anything can fit in this hole, then it's a choking hazard."

The mum from the Melbourne based company then drops some items through the hole, showing how many choking hazards lie around the home.

Hundreds of parents thanked the mum for sharing her parenting 'hack', many saying it's especially helpful this time of year with extra knick-knacks lying around.

"This hack was created to help you find choking hazards and potentially save the life of your little one!" Tiny Hearts Education commented later the post. "It is designed to show you how easily an object should get stuck in an airway and block it.

"Take the grape, for example, if not in quarters the full grape could completely block the airway. It helps create awareness of certain objects that match this hole's size and may be a choking hazard.

"This will help you when making buying decisions around toys and even with preparing food for your bub."