VIDEO: Adorable toddlers slug it out

Twin sisters, mortal enemies. Photo: YouTube
Twin sisters, mortal enemies. Photo: YouTube 

What's cuter than one toddler dressed in a tae kwon do outfit? Two toddlers who are not only dressed in protective martial arts gear but are squaring off in the world’s most adorable fight.

Apparently twins, the two girls kick and punch at eachother in between fits of giggles.

The video was posted to YouTube in Chinese a year ago, with a caption which translates to something like “Side to side training Ultra super cute.” It’s since had almost two million views.

The girls feature in more than dozen other videos on the YouTube channel, showing their talents at singing and dancing. We think this one is the ultra super cutest though.

If they can keep their training up, these two will be black belts in no time.