Mum's warning after daughter gets finger stuck in pram buggy board

Photo: The young girl got her finger stuck in a buggy board hole. Facebook
Photo: The young girl got her finger stuck in a buggy board hole. Facebook 

It's baffling how often kids manage to get body parts stuck in places they shouldn't. 

One mum has issued a warning about the dangers of pram buggy boards, after her daughter got her finger jammed in one of the arm holes.

Sharing a photo to a Facebook group, the mum explained the stressful incident resulted in a trip to emergency with her toddler.

"Life Pro Tip: buggy board arms have the perfect size holes for little fingers," she wrote. 

"After a trip to A&E this morning (which included a discussion on whether or not the fire brigade were going to have to be called to cut it off) my eldest is now free, and has learnt a valuable life lesson."

She also discovered that window cleaner is an 'effective lubricant', after trying various different methods of removal.

"We tried ice, oil, butter, soap... nothing moved it, hence the visit to A&E," she continued.

Fortunately the doctors were able to remove the buggy board without the help of firefighters or the need for surgery. 

"They eventually put her on entinox (gas and air) and painstakingly pulled it off without the need for cutters, firefighters or surgery. Thank goodness!"

Photo: The young girl got her finger stuck in a buggy board hole. Facebook

Photo: Facebook

The post quickly went viral, with many parents chiming in with their own stories of trapped appendages.

"My daughter got her finger stuck in a plug cover at school. It *did* require hospital, general anaesthetic and firefighters after tools at the hospital literally didn't cut it. All good now though, wouldn't know it had happened," said one.

"My daughter got a lampshade stuck round her one day! It was hilarious but she really didn't think so," said another.

Another shared this tale: "When I was 5 I went on a school trip to chester zoo... On the coach home I was passing sweets to a friend in front of me. Needless to say I got my head stuck between the window and the seat. They had to call the fire brigade out to take the seat out in order to remove my head. Fast forward several years and I got my whole arm stuck in a straw dispenser... never learned my lesson and now I'm 37!" 

"My son got a tambourine stuck around his neck when he was little. The fire brigade had to come to our house to cut it off. Was worrying at the time. But looking back at it now, it makes us laugh so much," shared another user.

"My brother got his head stuck in the washing machine back in the 80s. Brand new washer and he wanted to see the size of the drum. My dad had to dismantle it I think lol."

Despite some chuckles, another user highlighted the serious risk. 

"I'm glad she's ok. You could email the company and make them aware of this, constructive feedback is always good for them to be able to improve their product and hopefully save many more little fingers."