Toddler Development

Toddler Guide

This quarterly guide to your toddler's second year contains information, tips and useful contacts on your toddler's development between one and two years.

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How to react when your child tells a lie

Q: My almost-three-year-old is starting to figure out that she can lie when asked if she ripped the book, threw the food, hit her brother, etc. Totally normal, I know. How do we respond?

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Be careful what you wish for

Remember that chubby little baby who rocked on all fours? Remember how you wished he would start to crawl? Then remember how you felt once he did?

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Grayson was thrilled with his themed birthday party.

When toddlers have strange obsessions

When it comes to two-year-olds and birthday cakes there are a few requests that are usually at the top of the list. But a cake featuring a local personal injury lawyer?

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