Toddler Development

Toddler Guide

This quarterly guide to your toddler's second year contains information, tips and useful contacts on your toddler's development between one and two years.

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Prince George was happy to hold dad's hand.

Why more strangers should be like Justin Trudeau

Yes, we've all been there. Whether it's an acquaintance, a random person in a shop or a beloved grandparent, all kids have moments of not wanting to provide a requested high five, cuddle or kiss.

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Little Parks gets ready to ride on his specially adapted wakeboard.

Wakeboarding baby claims world record

While most six-month-old babies are happy to be cursing the furniture, Parks Bryant has already taken to water and has just been named the world's youngest wakeboarder.

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A child sitting in the W position.

What you need to know about W-sitting

When Katie noticed that her son Jack was sitting with his legs folded underneath him in a 'W' shape she didn't think much of it. "I'd seen other kids sitting that way, so I just assumed it was a toddler thing and nothing to worry about," she recalls.

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