Stages of Pregnancy


"The thing is, being a mum always looks like a whole identity. And I don’t feel ready to shimmy out of this one" ... ...

'I'm not ready to be a mum'

When I think of myself as a 'mum', I don’t like that. I may be a mum soon, but I’m not ready to say it yet.

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Happy times ... There's a huge variation in when couples decided to announce their news.

You're pregnant! But should you tell?

After Kate Middleton and Prince William shared their baby news prematurely, due to a diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum, Melissa Davey asks how long a couple should wait until reveal they're pregnant - and what the Duchess's condition really means.

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Comedian Stella Young at the Taxi Dining Room.

We are more than the sum of our genes

Screening foetuses and embryos for genetic conditions sends an implicit message that the lives of those of us living with the conditions are simply not worth as much.

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Ideas for announcing your pregnancy

They’re some of the biggest words you’ll ever utter: “I’m pregnant.” Here are some ideas for breaking the news to loved ones in fun and different ways.

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SUNDAY LIFE. NEWS. BRISBANE. Ellen and Phil Lutton with their children Eve 6, Tommy 3 and Sam 3 months at their Brisbane ...

The story of Sam

At a 19-week scan, Ellen Lutton was given news no-one ever wants to hear. She shares her story of living in a no-man's land between despair and hope throughout her pregnancy.

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Unexpected symptoms ... increased discharge is one of many pregnancy side effects.

Why am I experiencing more vaginal discharge?

No, it’s not your imagination – now that you’re a mum-to-be, you’re probably noticing more vaginal discharge than before. This is a common side effect of pregnancy, and is totally normal.

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Bleeding after birth

Being a new mum is fantastic, but sometimes there are some not-so-glamourous things that come with the territory. One of these things is bleeding after birth. This can come in the form of lochia or your returning period – but it’s all completely normal.

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