Weekly Guide to Pregnancy: Week 27

Week 27
Week 27 

Your Baby

How big is my baby?

Fetal size: 24cm (9.6 inches). Fetal weight: 1 kg (just over 2 pounds). The head to toe length of your baby can now be approximated (until now, the measurements have been approximations of the crown-rump measurements). This week the crown-toe measurement is approximately 34cm (15.3 inches).

At about this time the retina develops. The retina is located at the back of the eye and receives light and light images & information, and transmits it to the brain where it is interpreted.

The lungs continue to develop, and this week the special moistening agent surfactant production begins. Surfactant stops the walls of the lungs from sticking together when we exhale. Along with the production of surfactant, the network of blood vessels servicing the lungs increases.

Your baby has been able to hear since about Week 20 but loud, sudden, or unexpected noises may still cause your baby to jump or kick. Your baby more easily hears lower and deeper tones, however your own voice is more easily heard than your partners. When you and your partner talk, your baby can hear the rhythm and patterns of your speech.

Your Pregnancy

What pregnancy symptoms will I be experiencing?

Your breasts will probably still be tender, especially if they have continued to increase in size.

The amniotic fluid and the location of the uterus within the bony pelvis protect your baby. If you happen to fall during pregnancy, it is unlikely that you will do serious damage to yourself or your baby. If you have a serious fall, look out for symptoms of serious damage, including severe abdominal pain, bleeding, ruptured membranes (signalled by a gush of fluid from the vagina).

Antenatal (pregnancy and birth) classes are available to all pregnant women and their partners. They are recommended, especially for first time parents. The classes cover many topics associated with your pregnancy, birth and beyond, including labour and birth and changing nappies. You have probably already booked in for your classes, but if you haven't, do so immediately so that you don't miss out! Private classes are also available. Your health care professional will be able to provide more information.

Birth Plan. This is usually a written plan of the way that you would like your labour and birth to be managed. It can be developed in consultation with your partner and/or health care professional. It is recommended that at the very least, you discuss all aspects of your care prior to the onset of established labour, as once labour establishes you may not be able to think clearly or have the time to discuss important issues. A birth plan is used as a guide only. You can never be too sure of what is going to happen during childbirth and is important to remain flexible. Take a look at the Essential Baby Birth Plan information to get some ideas.

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