Ideas for announcing your pregnancy

They’re some of the biggest words you’ll ever utter: “I’m pregnant.”

And with everyone you’ll end up telling - the baby’s dad, your parents and in-laws, your boss and workmates, your friends, extended family members, neighbours - you’ll have a lot of practice saying those two little words over the next few months.

Whether you’re a private person who only wants to tell close friends and family face to face, or the kind of mum-to-be who’ll send a text message en masse before even leaving the doctor’s office, there are lots of ways you can spread your news.

Having a dinner party? There are foods you can serve to let people guess what’s going on. Is it near Christmas or a birthday? There are gifts you can give that do all the talking for you. Want to do it so all your friends and family know at once? A fun Facebook pic could be what you're after.

All in all, how you announce your growing bump will be up your personal style and imagination - here are some ideas to inspire you along the way. 

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