Woman reveals pregnancy to husband using scratch-off lottery ticket - and it's adorable

Photo: Dad-to-be Rick was thrilled.
Photo: Dad-to-be Rick was thrilled. Photo: YouTube

There are plenty of baby and gender reveals that end in disaster, so this sweet viral video makes for a refreshing change. 

US woman Hayli Baez found an adorable way to tell her husband, Rick, that they were expecting another baby, by creating a scratchie-style lottery ticket.

Posting the reveal to YouTube, Hayli tells viewers that she's pregnant, holding up the positive pregnancy test to the camera. Hayli hides from Rick and repeatedly exclaims, "I'm pregnant!" before she details her plan for telling her beau the news.

"I bought these pregnancy scratch off cards," she says to camera. "I bought them forever ago thinking when I get pregnant this is how I'll tell him."

"So I'm going to set up that camera and that's how I'll tell Rick."

After turning the camera on in the kitchen, she fetches her husband, telling him she got him a lottery scratchie card.

"I bought these forever ago and forgot I had them," Hayli tells Rick.

"Odds of winning are one in one million," Rick reads on the back of the ticket, while Hayli bursts out laughing.


As it turns out, the odds were in their favour.

Rick starts listing off the results as he scratches, eventually realising he has three gold bars, while Hayli impatiently waits.

"Just scratch it off and it'll tell you what the prize is," she urges her husband.

"A baby..." he says, still scratching the ticket, before realising what it means and excitedly screaming "yes" then hugging his wife.

"That's amazing!"

The couple, who also share a two-year-old daughter Hazel, are both overjoyed at being parents again.

"Roses are red, Hey, what's one more? Incoming Baez party of 4," Hayli captioned an Instagram post announcing the news, along with a family snap.

Hayli shared a pregnancy update last week on Instagram, where she revealed she's 10 weeks along, admitting she feels "like garbage."

"No word on the sex yet (though we should know in a couple weeks," she wrote. "I'm still feeling pretty garbage, but my medication has helped a TON and I'm starting to feel a *little* more like myself. Second trimester PLEASE hurry."

Adding Hazel is " jazzed" to become a big sister, the pregnant mum said "Every day I ask her 'baby brother or baby sister?' and about 80 per cent of the time she says sister."

"Does that mean anything?" she asked. "Whoooo knows! Guess we'll find out soon. She's going to be the best big sister."