Pregnant woman 'fuming' over note from mother-in-law: 'She signed it 'Love mama and papa''

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There is often a lot of discussion around what grandparents will be called once a new baby arrives.

Many opt for the traditional 'grandma and grandpa' label while other may choose to take a more informal nickname like 'nana and pop'.

One mum-to-be is 'fuming with rage', after her mother-in-law appears to have made what she deems to be an inappropriate choice. 

Writing in to Reddit, she explained that her MIL had just left a note on her baby registry.

"She directed the note to her grandchild and signed it "Love Mama and Papa"....," she said. "How dare she overstep her bounds and even fantasise that my child would ever call anyone but me and my husband any form of mum of dad"

The woman then explained that she grew up Italian and called her own parents mama and papa. 

"I can't believe she would even dare try, and basically stress me out," she continued, seeking advice. "I hate this woman with a passion".

"What do I do? Should I call her and put my foot down. My husband is horrible at confronting his mum, she just cries at every confrontation."

Redditers chimed in with support for the irate woman.


"This is absolutely infuriating," said one. "If she tries to say these things in person, correct her there. A simple "Isn't grandma so silly?" should be enough. "The truth is that your children will call them, and you, whatever they feel comfortable with. You will probably be Mama, and there's not much MIL can do to change that.

"I grew up Italian too and when I have children I will most likely be Mama..... There is absolutely no excuse for this. Mum,Mama, and Mummy are clearly all MUM names....If it were me she would be told you can now choose between these two options for names 1) Grandmother last name 2) Your first name....", chimed in another. 

Several suggested she craft a clever response and put MIL in her place.

"A written thank you card from the baby to "Grandma and Grandpa" or whatever name you choose to teach your child/ren to call them.

"Can you reply on the registry? I'd just get on there and write, from baby, 'why thanks, grandma and grandpa!'. Or other any choice names you may want to use."

Others remained confused and questioned potential language differences. 

"In my native language these are also parents names and I would be extremely confused and offended if grandparents would try to highjack my status as THE mum. But in your case the language issues are a bit different. Are you sure she is aware of the language differences?"

"We let our parents decide but they all picked grandpa, abu, nana, meme', or Pepe'. We have done French in there so that might be why they are weird."