People share the 'weirdest' dreams they've had while pregnant: From birthing cats to helping murderers

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Even the most prepared person in the world can't predict what their pregnancy will be like.

Not only is your life about to change drastically, but you're growing an entire human and your body is going through some significant changes.

However, as much as the common pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy are talked about, there are some things but don't get mentioned often. Crazy vivid dreams being one of them. 

While it's not unusual for pregnant women to have interrupted sleep during pregnancy, the bathroom breaks and sleeping positions tend to be the most sleep-related topics that are talked about. Few mention the vivid dreams, and it's fair to say many women are quite shocked by them.

One Reddit user wanted to know she wasn't alone so asked others to share their most out-there pregnancy dreams.

"What's the weirdest/ creepiest dream you've had during pregnancy thus far?" she asked.

"People don't talk enough about how dreams get stupider and weirder during pregnancy," she pointed out.

Redditers immediately responded to the post, sharing their own crazy dreams, and if you're worried you've been turning the crazy scale all the way up to 100, have a read below.


Cats, cats, cats

"I keep birthing cats..." one woman declared.

A little joey

"I've birthed my dog a couple of times, and the other night a baby kangaroo. I was getting so frustrated that I couldn't properly swaddle it because of its huge feet."

A women's breast friend

"Haven't given birth to any animals in my dreams yet but did have to breastfeed my dogs puppies for some reason."

A blast from the past

"Every single person I went to high school with has made an appearance. It's a verifiable who's who of my life and we're hitting the Z roster."

The wrong man

"Like I was married to some guy in junior high that I never spoke to."

Party baby

"I had my baby, then 48 hours later I'm out at a party smoking crack. Then when people questioned me at the party, I had the audacity to get offended. Like what, I spent two days with the baby, get off my case! WHAT."

Making a murderer

"I dreamt my husband murdered somebody and I had to help him cover it up. As a major true crime fan, I was ultra pissed at how amateur-ish it was and all the evidence we needed to dispose of, so I was arguing with him.

"Not mad because of murder, but mad because he made it more likely to get caught. 😅 I woke up like 'damn, guess my subconscious is really ride or die'."

Baby foot-in-mouth

"I had a dream once that I gave birth out of my mouth. I woke up still feeling like the cord was in my throat."

A simple dream

"I have the lamest dreams. I'll dream I woke up and brushed my teeth. Or that we went grocery shopping and bought oranges. They are super vivid but very, very boring."