From Teresa Green to Iona Gunn: People share the funniest name combinations they've ever heard

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Photo: Getty/iStock 

When it comes to baby names, you might think you have chosen the perfect moniker for your soon to arrive bundle of joy - until you put it together with your surname and it takes on a whole different meaning. 

One woman was curious at how many people had come across a name that unfortunately, ended up more rude than regal, or some that married into a moniker that often leaves people in stitches.

"Who knows someone with a brilliant name?" she asked on Facebook, before listing some examples.

"I went to school with a Teresa Green and my nan knew a Rose Budd who married a Mr. Bush."

The post has almost 8000 comments and 2000 likes, with people listing the funniest names they've come across or heard of.

All we can say is maybe say your baby's name out loud before signing the birth certificate!

Mistaken Identity

"I'm a qualified carpenter called A Hamer, and my mum is M C Hamer"

Freudian slip

"My maths teacher was called Robert Sole. Mr R Sole!! Hillarious."


A name worth being fired over

"I used to work for the local newspaper and was doing the obituary announcements. An old lady rung up to tell me about the passing of her husband, I asked for his surname first (as the newspaper will always publish the surname first in these announcements) and she said Long.

I then asked for his first name... wait for it... Dick! I asked her if she'd like us to put Richard and she said no, it has to be Dick as everyone knew him as that.  I made her aware that we always put the surname first and she was okay with this. Even had to run it past two levels of management before sending it to be published incase I got the sack. RIP Long Dick."

Bad combo

"I was born in Scotland and we lived down the road from a family with the surname Gunn. They named one of their girls the beautiful Scottish name Iona...just a little unfortunate in combo with the surname."

Name Placement

"I worked with a Mark Skidd. Our name badges had our surnames first so his read Skidd Mark."

Winter is coming

"My grandmother married a Mr Winter. He died and she then married Mr Frost."

Twin trouble

"[At school] we had a set of twins called Rob Mycock and Phil Mycock."

​"My mum went to school with twins called Neil and Ben Down."

Bend n snap

"I genuinely knew a Ben Dover no lie his name was Benjamin Dover."


Detail is in the nickname

"I'm Joanne King -Jo King
My sister is called Nicola - Nicking
Luckily my brother wasn't named Wayne!"

Spill the tea

"I worked with a Philipa Kettle."

Giddy up

"My cousin did an old lady's hair a few years ago and I thought she was joking - Rhoda Horsy."