Dad sparks outrage after 'storming off' from his baby's gender reveal

Photo: Her husband got visibly upset at the reveal and stormed off
Photo: Her husband got visibly upset at the reveal and stormed off 

A father has sparked outrage after walking out of his own gender reveal when he discovered he was expecting another daughter.

The man's distressed wife opened up about the incident on Reddit, explaining that the couple already share a four-year-old girl and two female twin toddlers.

"My pregnancy and delivery with the twins was complicated, and I had two miscarriages after so I was worried about trying again," she wrote, adding that her husband really wanted to begin trying to conceive again quickly. 

When the 24-year-old discovered she was pregnant a few months ago, the couple were 'very excited' and planned a small gender reveal with immediate family. 

"My sisters came with me to the sonogram to find out the gender of this baby and got one of those golf balls you hit filled with pink or blue," she continued.

"When he found out we were having another girl my husband got visibly upset, he threw down his golf club and cursed and stormed off. My sister had to edit the video to end right after you see the pink smoke and hear a little bit of cheering."

Understandably, the concerned mum-of-four thinks her husband 'resents' their daughter before she is even born - and turned to the forum for advice.

"I know he wanted a son in my previous pregnancies as well and even though he loves our daughters he isn't really involved... and doesn't really play with them or help out with them he just goes to work and comes home and plays video games and stuff," she admitted.

"I'm worried he's going to resent any more kids we have that aren't boys. Is there anything I can do or say to him?"


Unsurprisingly, users were quick to condemn the father's actions, chiming in with the support for the worried mum. 

"I'm putting this in the 'people who shouldn't have kids' file", said one. "So many people creating humans to fulfill some weird need."

"Seriously, these are human beings you're creating, not loot boxes. It's inhumane to keep creating neglected little girls whose father ignores them," sad another. 

"More kids won't fix the relationship. Giving him a boy won't fix the relationship. This man is not compatible with fatherhood or really anything to do with women, if he's so disappointed in them existing," said a third. 

And finally: "I'm actually a bit relieved for the three girls that this child isn't a boy. Can you imagine the favouritism? And how the husband would spend time with his son and ignore his daughters?"

Others opened up about their own similar experiences. 

"My friend ended up having 6 pregnancies to satisfy her husband's need for a boy. Let me tell you when lucky number 6 was finally a boy, everything in their lives became about the boy. The only one to get regular photoshoots, everything purchased new... spoiled rotten. The girls don't smile in any photos and you wonder why," shared one.  

"That was my whole life. I'm one of 10 kids and while I have older brothers they where not expected to care for the kids or house much and every kid after me I cared for. I homeschooled the kids, cooked the meals, did the yard work, nappy changes and potty trained, watched the kids during any outings.. took care of the pets, did the laundry, any and all cleaning ...and taught the children chores because my mum didn't feel like it. You know what I call that? That's abuse!"