Baby flashes perfect peace sign in ultrasound pic

We've seen some amazing ultrasounds before – babies who look like cars, rabbits and even some that look a bit spooky. (Click through the gallery above to see them all!)

Now a new scan photo shows an unborn bub clearly giving her parents the peace sign.

Blogger Ana Craft shared the stunning image of her daughter, already named Karis Olivia, on her Instagram account on January 13.

"Had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. Karis decided to show us a little humor by tossing up a peace sign during the ultrasound #yesthisismychild #peacesign #karisolivia #hippiegirl #ultrasoundpic #bestpicever #babygirl #firstpic," she wrote.

Speaking to, Craft said that the image was quite a talking point at the ultrasound clinic, adding, "It was all smiles around the room as the ultrasound technician called in all the nurses and staff to view the photo."

And she wonders if it's a sign of what's to come. "As a parent, you pray for a healthy baby. With Karis Olivia, we may also be getting quite the personality."

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