Mum with baby bump so tiny many didn't believe she was pregnant gives birth to twins: 'CEO of hiding babies'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

Pregnancy bumps come in every size and shape and it's a brave person who dares comment on the particulars of a pregnant woman's belly.

But for mum Becca, she was happy to share her teeny tiny bump, that was so small many questioned if she was really pregnant. 

Taking to TikTok to give followers regular bump updates, the mum went viral after showing off her belly at 32 weeks. 

Standing in her bathroom, she showed her stomach from every angle, revealing a bump that looks closer to most women in their first trimester.

The real kicker though, was that Becca was expecting twins. As she joked in one video, she was the 'CEO of hiding babies'. 

"Listen it may not look like much from the front. It also may not look like much from the back. But from the side? It still don't look like much, but we're working on it," she said in the clip.


Thought I would give you all a view of the ##pregnantbelly at ##32weekspregnant still not much but it’s there!! ##pregnancy ##bumpupdate

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Many on TikTok struggled to comprehend her tiny size.

"Oh so we all here right now wondering how two babies fit in there, huh?," asked one. "So you're saying that baby is cuddling your poor spine?," joked another.


"Where were you hiding them!?," exclaimed another. "Ok but where did you steal your babies? No way there were in there!," argued another.

Others however said they'd had similar sized bumps through their pregnancies. 

"I was the same with all three of min! I didn't tell my job with my last until I was 38 weeks. Doctor said it's because my uterus is in the back," one mum shared.

"I stayed like this with all three of my girls and my son I blew up in pounds. No one could even tell I was pregnant with my girls because I was so small with them," agreed another.

In a follow up video for her 35 week update, Becca revealed she'd had the twins. The exhausted looking new mum said she had news for fans, before panning down to show her cradling her two twin daughters.

"For those of you who have been following my tiny belly pregnancy updates … do I have a 35 week story for you!," she shared.