Miscarriage & Loss


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Women's silent suffering

Miscarriage happens to one in every four pregnant women in Australia, but you wouldn't know it because women tend to suffer in silence. We look at this common issue during National Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month.

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Late-pregnancy snoring risk to baby: study

Nearly half of pregnant women will develop snoring by their final trimester that could be linked to dangerous health problems for mother and baby, Australian sleep researchers have shown.

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Mystery behind parents' heartbreak

Matt and Vanessa Postle's baby girl, Charlie, was born with dark brown hair and perfectly formed fingers and toes. The only indication that something was not right was her skin, which was tinged blue.

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Sleep and stillborn link made

A new study has found a link between mum's sleeping habits and stillbirth - however more research is needed.

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Rafael Thomas, our little angel

In this moving installment of Juliana's triplet birth, she reveals the tragic loss of one of the babies due to Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome.

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Red tent miscarriage article

Miscarriage - one woman's story of grief, loss and growth

Miscarriage. It’s one of those things you hear about and hope doesn’t happen to you. But when it does you realise how devastating it is and what a silent grief it has become, because for some reason, our culture doesn’t quite know how to cope with it.

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Losing a baby

Stillbirth is a word that we don’t hear nor talk about in today’s modern society. Usually, the first time a parent hears the word “stillbirth” it is to describe their own child.

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Angel babies

Losing a baby is the hardest thing a parent can face. The following ideas provided by Whispered Support have been sent from parents all around the world.

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Ectopic pregnancy: the facts

Ectopic pregnancy is a complication of pregnancy in which the fertilised egg is implanted in tissue other than the uterine wall.

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