Miscarriage & Loss


"Her death changed everything, and we had to reevaluate all of our plans when we lost her" ... Sally Heppleston

Real life

Losing Hope: life after a stillbirth

Life with little ones is always busy, but after her first child died during labour Sally Heppleston can't help but think, “My life should be busier”.

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Depression after miscarriage

After experiencing a miscarriage at eight-weeks, Monica Dux found herself frustrated at her deep sadness; she was “young enough to try again” so why was she “making such a fuss?”

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Brave parents ... Emma and Andrew Gower want to share the story of their baby daughter Lucy.

Empty arms but full hearts

Alive for just 90 minutes after her birth, baby Lucy will never be forgotten. Her parents share their story.

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Hugh Jackman.

Hugh and Deborra-Lee's miscarriage pain

They may be the very happy parents of two beautiful children now, but the road to parenthood wasn’t easy for Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness.

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Deborah and Andrew Braddock, with son Connor Photo by Hilary Wardhaugh Note from photographer: This image is only to be ...

Eternal memories for a little life cut short

When their son died at 24 weeks gestation, Andrew and Deborah Braddock were unsure about having a photograph taken of their boy. Now they're grateful they were given the choice.

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My miscarriages

One mum shares her story of miscarriage, grief, and remembering the little souls she lost.

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Women's silent suffering

Miscarriage happens to one in every four pregnant women in Australia, but you wouldn't know it because women tend to suffer in silence. We look at this common issue during National Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month.

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Late-pregnancy snoring risk to baby: study

Nearly half of pregnant women will develop snoring by their final trimester that could be linked to dangerous health problems for mother and baby, Australian sleep researchers have shown.

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sad woman

Mystery behind parents' heartbreak

Matt and Vanessa Postle's baby girl, Charlie, was born with dark brown hair and perfectly formed fingers and toes. The only indication that something was not right was her skin, which was tinged blue.

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