This $5 hack mums can't get enough of: 'This is brilliant!'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

If your kids are of a certain age, no doubt you'll have a myriad of toys crowding your living space, each bought in the hope it would capture their attention.

Or, more importantly, win you a few much needed minutes to yourself. The likelihood is though, for all the ones you've tried, you're still in pursuit of an elusive toy they'll keep coming back to. 

But one mum claims we're wasting our time on toys, saying she found the perfect solution at her local supermarket - and it only cost her pocket change.

Instagram influencer and mum of two Sarah Rich says her laundry basket hack has been a hit with her baby, working as both a playpen and a treasure trove for common household items her tot can 'discover'. 

Posting a video to her account, Rich shows three ways she uses the basket, saying it was the best $5.50 she's ever spent.

Her first idea is to fill it with colourful plastic balls and a teddy, before sitting her bub in there with them to play. In the second, she puts the little girl in, supported by a cushion, and pushes the basket across the floor.

While in the third, she uses it as a seat to prop her daughter up using cushions and blankets as she watches cartoons.

Many mums shared their appreciation for the simplicity of the hack.

"This is brilliant!," exclaimed one. "Love this. All the toys in the world and they love the washing basket so well," added another.

"Cute. My washing baskets are often a pair of rockets," shared one mum. "Have done all of those! They love whacky races in them and getting all cosy," agreed one mum.

"Who needs one of those $180 plus ball pits anyway," joked another.