Outrage after dad refuses to change son's nappy and demands wife smile more: 'I snapped'

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Picture: Getty Images 

Parenting a newborn can often feel like you're stuck in the trenches. And each parent better be prepared when it's their turn to take on the next battle. 

That's why one new mum is feeling particularly frustrated that her husband not only refuses to change their son's nappy, has also has running commentary of how to improve as she does the thankless chore. 

As she explained on Reddit, her husband hasn't changed a single nappy since their two-month-old was born. While she accepted he was a 'hardcore germaphobe' and had initially agreed before their son's birth she could take on this duty, her husband's behaviour has her regretting this decision.

"So my husband's been pestering me about the faces I make when changing our son's nappies. Telling me to smile all the time. I told him to leave me alone, it's easy for him to say when he's not the one dealing with the smell," she explained.

"But every time when I'm in the middle of changing nappies, my husband would show up out of nowhere like he busted me or something and tell me that the faces I keep making have an 'impact' on our son's emotional state and I should smile. He'd motion with his hand and be like smiiiiiiiile."

Telling him to leave her alone, she warned him if he did that again their agreement would cease.

"He came into the room with his mouth full of food and once again commented on how my face looked, reminded me to smile and "show love" and stop causing harm to our son's emotional health. I snapped!' the fuming woman revealed.

"I walked up to him and told him that he ran out of chance to stop his annoying behaviour and he should start handling diaper changes from now on and we'll see how big his smile will be," she continued.

"He's germaphope, yes. But he's also a PARENT. what type of parent never changes their baby's diaper? I handed him the stuff and asked him to enjoy while I kept standing to watch how he do it. It took him forever and as I expected he made all types of disgusted, grossed out faces and for a minute I thought he was going to throw up."


After he told her she wasn't taking his phobia seriously she asked Reddit for an impartial opinion. And they didn't hold back, many pointing out the current arrangement meant the mum would not be able to leave her son alone with her husband for years. 

"He's being a real a--hole. You are being fair. He needs therapy so he can perform his responsibility as a parent," remarked one.

"If his condition is that serious, he can get help. If he doesn't want to do that because it would take away his excuse to do the hard parts, maybe he needs to sit down and think about what it actually means to be a dad," suggested another.

"Do you know who just loves doing nappy changes? Literally nobody. Boyo needs to suck it up, buttercup," added another.

"Sure sounds like he just gets a little more grossed out than usual compared to most people. Being forced to equitably care for his child will cure him of that real quick,' argued a third. 

"So you can NEVER leave your child with your husband until your child is old enough to properly wipe is own a-- Your husband has A LOT of growing up to do," another chimed in.