Mum's urgent warning after frightening incident when baby suddenly stopped breathing: 'It will forever haunt me'

Photo Instagram Tiny Hearts Education
Photo Instagram Tiny Hearts Education 

A terrified mum has issued a warning to all parents to ensure they are prepared for a scenario no parent wishes to be confronted by - the moment their baby stops breathing. 

The mum took to the Tiny Hearts Eduction Instagram Page to open up about the horrifying moment her seven-week-old baby Miran suddenly stopped breathing. A moment she says, "will forever haunt me". 

She recalled a regular weekend afternoon at home with the baby, his older sibling and her husband. While she was in the kitchen, the rest of the family were playing with Miran in the living room. 

Suddenly she heard Miran scream and then start to cry. 

"I ran in saying "that's his pain cry, what happened?". My husband explains that nothing happened at all. He just let out a scream", she wrote. 

She picked up Miran in an attempt to comfort him and stop the crying, though very quickly the crying turned into complete silence. 

"You know those cries where their mouths stay open and they don't breathe? That. He turned completely purple, and then I felt him collapse into my arms. I looked at him, he was out", she continued. 

Even though the mum was overwhelmed with a sense of panic, she immediately started performing CPR on Miran. 

"I put him on his back on the couch, yelling "he's not breathing!". My husband went on the phone to 000", she said. "I remember screaming "come on Annem, wake up!". After breathing into his mouth a few times he seemed conscious but dazed." 


As her husband phoned triple zero, the mum remembered the crucial information and training she was given when she completed the Tiny Hearts Education Baby First Aid course right before Miran was born.

She knew how important it was for her to commence CPR immediately. 

"If you've called 000 before you know that there are a few seconds before you get through, then a few minutes before paramedics arrive. All minutes and seconds that, if this were more serious, MATTER", she explained. 

Once paramedics arrived, they took Miran to the hospital and thankfully after a thorough examination, he was sent home clear of any danger. 

"He either choked on vomit or tried to pass wind (which he struggled with) and passed out crying in pain. Apparently this just happens to babies sometimes!", she said. 

The mum has shared her story as an example of the importance of completing a Baby First Aid Course, prior to bringing home a newborn. 

If Miran's mum didn't put into action what she had learned from the course, things could have turned out very different, "I don't want to know how the scenario would have played out if I didn't know what I did."

She urged all mums and dads, "For these PRICELESS little humans, the baby first aid course is a no-brainer to buy. Do it. Never say you won't need it because you just don't know."

The Australia Red Cross recommends all parents are trained in CPR and Baby First Aid, "Although you hope you'll never use cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for a child or infant, it's important to know the steps so that you can help in the event of a cardiac or breathing emergency."

Tiny Hearts Education run Online Baby First Aid courses, guided by emergency paramedics, that take parents and carers through the most common child first aid topics they are most likely to face.

It covers children aged between 0-8 years old, and they recommend completing the course prior to your baby's arrival to ensure, like Miran's mum, you are prepared for all scenarios. 

Although Miran's mum will be forever haunted by the events of that day, she says completing the online course gave her "the knowledge to save" her baby's life