Mum slammed for giving her baby the same name as her dog: 'Degrading to your child'

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Baby names aren't easy and sometimes and the angst when you find one you love, only to remember it's already been used by someone in the family for their child can be enraging.

But many parents wouldn't hesitate to move on from a name that's been used for a dog they knew. Especially if said dog was, ah, their own. 

One mum-to-be on Reddit, however, has declared if she has a daughter, her bub and her dog will share the same name. 

As she explains, she's yet to find out her baby's gender, but the name Lucille (Lucy) is the only name she's considering for a daughter. It's the name of her great-grandmother and her late sister, so holds significant meaning for her.

"The problem is, a month after my sister passed away, I was in a very dark place. I was really struggling emotionally because she was my best friend, and it was a very sudden and traumatic loss. In the midst of my downward spiral, my cousin sent me a link for a local Facebook group, and there was a dog in need of a new home," she explains.

"I instantly fell in love, and when they told me her name was Lucy, I jumped in my car to go pick her up. She has been the one to get me through my darkest days." 

But now pregnant, she says people have asked if she might reconsider the name, given her dog already goes by this. 

"If I do have a daughter I want to go ahead with the name I chose, but I'm getting annoyed with all the people asking 'won't that be confusing?'."

I don't know of its the hormones or just having heard the same thing so many times that has me gritting my teeth every time the subject of baby names comes up, but I surely can't be the only one who's in (or has been in) a similar situation."


She also said she wouldn't change the dog's name, because she already has 'personalised gear' for her. 

Reddit users were divided, with many saying it could lead her daughter to have issues as she grows up, in feeling like she wasn't valued more than the family dog.

"I don't think it'd be confusing but kind of...degrading to your child? It just seems tacky and devaluing to name my child what I've named my dog?," said one.

"I think at least some people are probably saying 'confusing' because it seems more neutral than 'that seems pretty odd!' And I do actually think it seems confusing! I would change the dog's name," agreed another.

However some said she should go with it, but use a nickname for one of them.

"I'm gonna go against the grain here and say use the name. Don't change your dog's name. Maybe instead of calling your daughter Lucy you could choose one of the other many nick names for Lucille. Lula is a favourite of mine," one suggested.

"I see zero problem with it. It has such strong meaning for you," another reassured her.

One also pointed out that it could even save an age old parenting problem.

"I think you're a low-key genius and here's why. Every parent I know accidentally calls their kid by their dog's name and vice versa. Boom, problem solved," they joked.