Mum ridiculed for daughter's name that's been likened to a chronic disorder: 'Do you hate your daughter?'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

There are few decisions more daunting for expectant parents than the question of what to call their baby. 

While a lucky few may already have had a name picked out for years before they even fell pregnant, for the rest of us, it's a long few months of trawling through the 'Top 1,000' baby names lists before finding one - let alone one that everyone agrees on. 

So when mum of two Jordan gleamed inspiration for her eldest daughter's name from the Twilight series, she thought she'd both skipped that pain and found a pretty name.

But after sharing the little girl's name on TikTok she's been mercilessly trolled for her choice, with one user even going as far as to ask if she named her that because she hated her baby.

The name in question? Renesmae. For those who haven't read Stephenie Meyer's series or seen the movies, it's the name the two central characters - Bella and Edward, name their own daughter, after merging the names of their own mums. 


if you truly think about it everyone is technically named after someone.🤷‍♀️ ##fyp ##TheSuicideSquadMovie ##QuickBooksVictoryPose ##toddlersoftiktok

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In a clip posted to the video sharing platform, Jordan tackles the criticism head one, saying: "Yes her name is Renesmae. Yes it's from Twilight. Y'all act like it's not uncommon to get a name from a book/movie," before flipping the camera the bird.

Adding in the caption: 'If you truly think about it everyone is technically named after someone'.

Many users disagreed however, venting their dislike in the comments. 


"Ignore the haters. Rheumatoid arthritis is such a pretty name," said one. "Children aren't billboards for your fandoms," added another. "It's not uncommon, it's just unfortunate," a third chimed in. 

In a follow up clip Jordan shared some of the hurtful questions she'd been asked since sharing the name, which included 'Do you hate your daughter or something?',  and 'Do you know you spelled it wrong idiot?'. 

So far, commenters on that clip have been more supportive, many sharing the popular culture inspirations behind their own children's names.

"We named our son Anakin from Star Wars!! I love your daughter's name," said one. "I love it! Renesmae is beautiful. My friend's baby is Renesme too."

"Named my daughter after a book character too," shared a third.