Mum claims hospital brought her the wrong baby twice: 'New fear unlocked'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

It's a great fear among every new parent: what if the hospital hands you the wrong baby?

While it's less of a likelihood now, thanks largely to the trend of keeping bubs by mum's side and rigorous adherence to name tags, the fear lingers. 

Especially for mum of three Becky Martin, who in a now viral TikTok claims it's happened to her not just once, but twice. 

Replying to the question 'what would you do if you found out your two-year-old child was not actually yours because of a mix up at the hospital', she detailed how it happened

"So I actually have had my babies switched by the hospital. Not once, but twice. Now it didn't get to the point with one of them being two years old. It was immediately noticed and corrected, but still," Martin explained.

"With my first, they wheeled in a baby boy and they were like… 'We fed your baby for you', and I was like… 'I'm breastfeeding?' And they were like… 'Oh sorry, wrong baby'."

When having her second baby, a daughter this time, Becky said they brought a baby girl into their room, only to find they already had their own baby with them. 

So after delivering her third, the mum was taking no chances, saying that baby never left their side.


"Of course, they fought us on it. The charge nurse came in and said [they] had to take that baby out to do testing. I said… well, you can either do it in my room or I'll accompany you to the lab, or we'll do it or we'll do it at his first doctor's appointment," continued.

"If you ever wonder what pushes a woman to become an advocate of homebirth, that's one of many reasons."

The clip has been viewed close to three million times and many viewers shared their shock at her claim.

"New fear unlocked," said one. "I'm not kidding I've always thought about this. I'll be putting a big sharpie X on their feet or hands to be sure.," added another.

"OMG imagine how many people have been switched at birth and have no idea," one questioned. 

Others shared their own experiences of having near misses while in hospital. 

"My mum had to go look for my little baby brother after she gave birth and found him with a lady down the hall," said one woman.

"I was switched with a boy. They told them "well here is your son' and my mum just looked at them and told them 'I'm 100 per cent sure I had a girl'," added another.

"I was left in a random hallway in the hospital on a different floor in 1991. My dad found me by accident while he was looking for a vending machine," a third chimed in.