Woman tells sister her 'rainbow baby' isn't that special: 'It's just their excuse'

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto 

Losing a child is a traumatic experience, and there's no right way to deal with the grief that follows.

One woman, whose baby tragically died of SIDS a few years ago, was thrilled when she fell pregnant again. She and her husband welcomed their rainbow baby, a little boy named Conner, who is now four.

However, according to the woman's sister, Conner is spoiled rotten and, as a result, very badly behaved. 

"I love my sister and I love my nephew, but my sister is convinced that cause he's her rainbow baby, that means he can do whatever he wants," the woman, who is mum to six-year-old twins herself, explained in a Reddit post.

"He throws fits to get his way, hits, kicks, cries - whatever it takes. My sister and her husband give him no discipline. He's their rainbow baby so that is their excuse for his bad behaviour."

Although the woman has put up with his behaviour for many years, his behaviour at her twins' recent birthday party was the final straw.

"Everyone was having a good time but Conner," she recalled. "He wanted cake, didn't like the games, wanted to watch tv, wanted ice cream now, didn't want other kids to touch him - etc.

"Basically the whole party Conner threw a tantrum! The final straw came at present time. My husband went to get the gifts out the living room only to find Conner had ripped nearly all of them open! My sister made excuses saying he just excited and wanted to play with my kids new toys. I lost it!"

Furious, the mum let her sister know how she exactly how she felt about Conner's behaviour.


"[I told her] he's been ruining the party since he got there," she said. "My sister immediately went on the he's her rainbow baby, he didn't mean it and maybe I should have put the presents where he couldn't get them.

"They were in the living room, the party was outside. No one was inside. I lost my temper, I know I did. This was my kids' party though."

The woman admitted she said some "nasty" things. She told her sister Conner wasn't a baby anymore, he's not special and she's raising a "self centred brat who will grow up to be a self centred adult."

Conner's upset mum left the party and the sisters' parents later asked their daughter to apologise. 

"Why? Because I have two healthy kids while she lost one and she's still having to deal with it," the woman wrote. "I told them no! My sister should apologise for how her son acted at the party.

"My sister hasn't really spoken to me in a few days, just posted passive aggressive things on social media which I just blocked her."

Redditers, while sympathetic for the couple's loss, agreed Conner's behaviour was unacceptable and will get even worse if his parents don't deal with it now.

"Is he still going to be the rainbow baby in high school?" one person asked. "I'm sure when he commits his first crime the judge will be very understanding that the rainbow baby needs cuddles and not confinement."

"Conner knows what he's doing," another wrote. "He knows his mum and dad let him get away with anything cause he's special and I would bet that every day they tell him that he is special."