Toddler best man dies after parent's wedding

Best man: Christine Swidorsky carries her son Logan Stevenson down the aisle.
Best man: Christine Swidorsky carries her son Logan Stevenson down the aisle. Photo: AP

A cancer-stricken two-year-old boy has died days after serving as a tiny best man at his parents' wedding.

Logan Stevenson, of Jeanette, near Pittsburgh in the US, never had long to live.

But when his doctor told parents Sean Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky that he might not make it to their wedding date of July 2014, they brought the wedding forward so he could be part of it and be in their family photos.

Married: Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson.
Married: Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson. Photo: AP

Logan died in his mother's arms at their home at 8.18pm on Monday, the Daily Mail reported. 

"He is with angels and he's in no more pain," wrote Ms Swidorsky in a tribute to her son on Facebook.

Before the wedding, Mr Stevenson was trying to brace himself but couldn't get to grips with his son dying, the Huffington Post reported. 

"It'll be the hardest thing I'll ever do, is bury my son," Mr Stevenson said. "You know it's coming, and you can't do anything about it."

The wedding took place at the weekend, and Logan's mother carried him down the aisle. Ms Swidorsky's daughter, Isabella Johns, 13, served as bridesmaid and the couple's one-year-old daughter, Savannah, was her parents' flower girl.

While Logan's short life was a struggle, his parents did all they could to make sure he experienced some fun. He was born on October 22, 2010, but was diagnosed shortly after his first birthday with acute myeloid leukemia.


It was discovered he suffered from Fanconi anaemia – a rare disease that often leads to cancer.

Logan had to undergo a stem cell transplant in July 2012 and in March had surgery to remove a kidney ravaged by a tumour.

He fell seriously ill during a Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World in June.

During a trip to the emergency room last month, a second mass was discovered in his remaining kidney, which was terminal.

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