The must-see hack for dislodging objects from kids' noses: 'Prevented a trip to ED for us last night!'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Many a mum or dad have found themselves sheepishly explaining to a doctor in the emergency room how their little one came to have a small object lodged up their nose.

Small toy parts, bits of food or pencils... if it looks like it will fit, inevitably young kids' curiosity will get the better of them and they'll try putting it up their nostril for safekeeping.

At best, it's an afternoon or late night wasted in a hospital or doctor's waiting room, at worst it's a frightening and dangerous experience. 

But Nikki Jurcutz from Tiny Hearts Education has shared a parenting hack that might just save parents of future nose-shovers from both.

Posting a video to her first-aid course Instagram page, the mum of two and former paramedic introduced followers to the 'mother's kiss' technique to dislodge all manner of objects from little nostrils. 

Writing that her son Wolf had recently pushed a pea up his nose, she filmed herself demonstrating the technique to show other parents how easy and effective it was. 

"I panicked for two seconds and then I remembered this technique where mum (or any trusted adult) gives a 'big kiss' to expel the foreign body," she captioned the video.

"It worked first go for us and you can see how genuinely excited I was!!! This prevented a trip to ED for us last night!"

In the clip, Nikki can be seen placing her own mouth over her son's open mouth to seal in any air. She then blocks the pea-free nostril with her finger and blows a short and sharp puff of air into his mouth, which causes the pea to 'pop' out. 


The clip has thousands of comments, many from parents thanking her for the simple trick - and sharing their own horror stories.

"This is gold! What a good hack! Thanks for sharing," wrote one. "Love it! Saving this one in the memory bank," added another.

"My little boy did the same with a sultana at daycare, I drove there did this and it came out. He thought it was hilarious of course," one mum shared.

"I got shown this technique in emergency after my son stuck a googly eye up his nose. Such a great technique, is a must for all mothers!," said another.

Others revealed it wasn't only food or small toy parts that could turn hazardous for little ones. 

"As a 40-year-old, I still recall my mum blowing a live bee - yes live bee, that I managed to snort at my 6th birthday out of my nose into my throat to spit out," said one follower.

According to Raising Children, it's not uncommon for toddlers and small children to put small objects into their ears, nose or eyes out of curiosity, saying it's part of how they experiment with their world and to learn 'what happens when they try different things'.