Couple reveal they may be pregnant with baby number 15 - after having quints, triplets and two sets of twins

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

A couple in the US have revealed they may be pregnant with baby number 15 - having already welcomed four sets of multiples and two singleton babies.

Karen, 40, and Deon Derrico, 50, from the TLC program Doubling Down with the Derricos have hinted baby number 15 could be on the way in a new episode of their second season. 

The couple are parents to Darrian, 16 and Derrick, 11 and welcomed their other 12 children in quick succession

After having their twins Dallas and Denver, now 10, they then gave birth to quintuplets Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daican and Daiten, aged eight. 

Before their 'triplins' arrived with the couple welcoming Diez and Dior, three, whose triplet brother Carter sadly died within hours of birth. 

Adding to their brood with youngest triplets Dawsyn, De'Aren and Dyver, born last year. 

The reason they've had multiple sets of multiples is due to Karen's overactive ovaries, which cause her to release several eggs each cycle. 

In the episode, Deon is cooking dinner for the family when Karen - who is eating a plate of pickles, tells him the smell of the pie is making her sick.


When Deon mentions that only happens when she's pregnant, she reaches for her phone to check her calendar to see when her last period was.

"I have to pull up my calendar. According to this I'm a week late," she says. 

When Deon suggests she take a test, she says: "We need to because if it is I really need to be getting to the doctor."

But while the couple may be excited at the prospect, Deon's mum GG, who is with them, overhears her son joke Karen has a 'pie in the oven' and asks what's going on.

"You look at her and say 'Pie is in the oven'," GG says, looking less than impressed. "You want to know how I really feel? I feel like crap. Because it's like when is the line drawn, for real?"

According to People, housing and feeding their 14 kids is already taxing, with Karen admitting the family spends between $3,200-$4,500 each month just on groceries

"In a week we go through 15 boxes of waffles, 20 rolls of toilet paper," People quote Deon. Though Karen added they wouldn't have it any other way.

"This is us, this is our life," she said. "We chose to have a large family, we also chose to make sure that we can provide for our large family."