Proud dad Robbie shows off baby Theodora

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams Photo: Twitter

New father Robbie Williams showed off his baby daughter to the world by posting a picture of the tot curled up asleep on his chest.

The proud chart star looked a touch bleary-eyed on Friday as he posed for the picture topless with tiny Theodora Rose nestling in his arms. Williams, 38, became a father for the first time on Tuesday when wife Ayda Field gave birth to their 7lb 4oz (3.2kg) youngster, affectionately known as Teddy, in London.

In a caption to the picture, the sometime Take That star told fans: "Daddy's second nappy change ... Teddy's second day on the planet."

Yesterday he said on BBC Breakfast his simple aspirations for his daughter were that she is well-mannered and kind.

And after the build-up of pregnancy, he said: "I'm now really looking forward to getting into it."

Reflecting on his hopes, he said: "All I want her to have is manners - 'Yes, please' and 'Thank you' - and (to be) kind." If the youngster has those qualities, he added, "she can get away with murder with me".

The star has just wrapped up a series of small shows around the UK prior to the birth at London's Portland Clinic.

Williams has also said he is undecided about whether he wants Teddy to be educated in the UK or in the US. He has a home in Wiltshire but has been mainly based in Los Angeles for a number of years.