TV star Fiona Falkiner updates fans about pregnancy: 'I am now a snorer'

Photo: Instagram / Fiona Falkiner
Photo: Instagram / Fiona Falkiner 

Fiona Falkiner and her fiancée, Hayley Willis, have opened up about their 'rollercoaster' journey to become parents.

The model and former The Biggest Loser star is 35-weeks pregnant with the couple's first child, a son. 

The soon-to-be-mum spoke to 2Day's The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Erin and Ed, and revealed the difficulties she has faced during her pregnancy. 

"I'm very blessed Hayley is putting up with me," the 37-year-old TV star said. "I have found pregnancy tough, I must admit. I am now a snorer. I have never snored a day in my life before this!"

While the couple have decided on a name they are keeping it 'under lock and key' until after the birth; and also revealed that Hayley will be taking Fiona's surname

"Hayley is very kindly taking my last name so our little son is going to have Falkiner as his last name," she said. 

The couple went through four rounds of IVF before successfully conceiving their first child with an unknown donor.

"It was such a process to get here, so I think as a couple that really brings you together," Nine sports reporter Hayley said. "You have to be super strong."


The couple also spoke to Hughesy and Erin about the 'incredibly awkward' turkey basting attempts, before they decided to go down the unknown donor path.

"Our friend came around to our house, went into the bathroom, we put it into a cup and then we had a syringe," Fiona explained.

"My housemate was cooking a stir-fry, the dog was in the other room. It was the most awkward thing I think I've ever experienced."  

While the process was unsuccessful, the couple feel 'incredibly blessed' their friend was willing to go through with such an incredible gesture. 

"He is an amazing human," Hayley gushed. "We sat down and had plenty of deep conversations and decided he would be an 'uncle-figure' to the baby, but wouldn't be involved in the child's day-to-day life.

We even had a legal document with him just to cover all the bases."

According to Fiona, many people tried to guess 'who's the dad', which took away from the fact they are the parents. 

"So we decided to go down the unknown donor path which obviously worked out great," she said. "We've got this little man cooking away."

With just five weeks to go, the couple also weighed in on the current debate on terms like 'mother v's birthing partner'.

"We will both be known as mum," Hayley told Erin and Hughesy. "It's a beautiful term."

"The first time our child says mum will be such a special moment. We've been through so much to get here."

The couple started a podcast titled What the IVF? in August last year to document their fertility journey - and to ensure anyone going through a similar experience feels less alone.

You can listen follow Fee and Hayley's journey on their podcast 'What the IVF' or follow Fiona on Instagram. ​