Mandy Moore admits feeling 'jealous' of mums having home births

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram Photo: Instagram

Mandy Moore is going to become a mum to a baby boy any day now.

The 36-year-old actress is expecting her first child with husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and has admitted on the Informed Pregnancy Podcast that the pregnancy hasn't gone fully to plan.

On the podcast, the mum-to-be told host Dr. Elliot Berlin that she'd originally planned to have a natural home birth, but due to health concerns will have to give birth in a hospital.

"We were very intentional and excited about this prospect of being at home for the birth," she told Dr. Berlin, revealing they had organised a playlist and for Goldsmith, who is a musician, to play the guitar. 

"We were really excited about what the whole experience was going to be," said the This Is Us actress.

Moore revealed earlier in the month on an Instagram story that her platelets levels have been dropping throughout the pregnancy.

"It's something I never thought about until I got, I'd say early to midway through my third trimester, they sort of started dropping pretty precipitously and fell below the threshold that would make it possible for me to do a home birth," explains Moore.

Platelets help blood cells clot and can cause complications during birth. Low platelets levels in pregnancy can be due to gestational thrombocytopenia, a condition which affects roughly one in 10 women and usually develops in late pregnancy. 


Although grateful her son is healthy, Moore admitted she was disappointed when she realised she wasn't going to be able to have a home birth, adding she was "feeling this weird tinge of jealousy" for women who can.

"I initially was like, 'I got it, absolutely. I am malleable, I'm going to do whatever it takes for this baby,'" she said, assuring listeners that's 'absolutely how she still feels.'

"But the grieving process about my plan not unfolding the way that I had hoped actually, I felt this sort of delayed reaction," she says. "It was a couple of weeks afterward that it really sort of sunk in.

 "I know that sounds ridiculous, but I'm like, 'Oh man, I'm happy for them, but I'm also kind of sad that I don't get to have that experience that I was hoping for.'"

Instead, Moore said she plans to stay at home for as long as she can when she first goes into labour, and will then go to the hospital, saying she feels like she's "getting the best of both worlds."

Moore acknowledged that changing plans and being flexible is part of parenthood.

"I'm really leaning into that and leaning into the idea of surrender and things are going to unfold exactly the way that they're supposed to." she said. "And I trust that and I trust my body and I trust my team and I'm more or less just excited."