Jayne Azzopardi opens up about second pregnancy: 'I still wouldn't change a thing'

Photo: Jayne and her first child.
Photo: Jayne and her first child. Photo: Instagram

Most things in life are easier the second time around.

But pregnancy - at least for me - is certainly not one of them.

Perhaps it's being that little bit older, having a body that's a little more battered.. but it mostly has to do with that extra 11 kilograms of pure, wriggly gorgeousness that I'm carrying around on my right hip for a large portion of every day.

Other mums did warn me - but gee, that first pregnancy now looks like a relaxing walk in the park.

I went for beach walks, swam in ocean pools and took pilates classes.

And I did it all without vegemite and banana smeared all over my clothes.

If I was tired, I slept.

If I was hungry, I ate.

When my hips got sore, I went to the physio.

If I was achey, I treated myself to a massage and then put my feet up in front of the television. And didn't have to watch The Wiggles. (No disrespect to The Wiggles of course, they save my sanity and my ear drums on a daily basis these days.)

I was 100 per cent focused on the little life growing inside me and doing everything I possibly could to look after it.

But now that little life is on the outside - and I am still 100 per cent focused on doing everything I can to look after him.. which means I'm already feeling guilty that his little brother is being neglected.

Whereas my first baby bump was massaged carefully with Bio Oil every night .. this one cops sharp kicks, knees and elbows constantly as big brother climbs all over me.

While the first bump had me considering my every movement in order to keep it comfortable, this one constantly has his wriggly brother sitting on top of him. It has to cope with me bending at awkward angles to pick things off the floor, while holding his brother on one hip, twisting me in ways I didn't know were possible.

The second time around I've felt more sick, more tired, and more sore.

But I still wouldn't change a thing.

Like so many women, it was a long and emotional road for me to have my first baby.. so I can't possibly take this little surprise for granted.

Even though my stomach muscles may never knit back together .. my lower back may give out .. and my hips may ache forever, I still love being pregnant. I love feeling those little kicks.

And I can't wait to see my first son meet that little brother he's been terrorising and know he's got a best mate for life.

Jayne Azzopardi is the Weekend Today newsreader and a Nine News presenter and senior reporter.