Video: What does a stay-at-home parent do all day?

A still from <i>3 Queens</i> by Matt Bieler.
A still from 3 Queens by Matt Bieler. 

Next time someone asks what you do all day if you're a stay-at-home parent, point them in the direction of this video.

Filmmaker Matt Bieler made the 3 Queens video which follows three women throughout their daily routines and tells their stories through their children, as a tribute to what stay-at-home parents do each day.

He told the Huffington Post that he was inspired by his sister, a mother of three. She appears in the video as one of the three anonymous women.

"It made me think back to what a superstar my own mother was raising myself and my two sisters as a young mom and the selflessness that entails," he said.

He thought the best way to thank them was to tell their stories.