Pregnant woman furious after sister-in-law refuses to share baby clothes: 'Greedy and selfish'

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When your children grow up it's natural to want to hold on to certain items, especially ones with sentimental value.

One mother is fuming after her brother and sister-in-law demanded they hand over special baby items her grandmother had made, threatening to take her to small claims court if she doesn't.

Posting to Reddit, the woman explained that she was close to her grandmother, who died when her son (now 18) was two.

"She was the glue that held our family together," she explained. "She loved to knit and do handcrafts, so when I was pregnant with my son, she made him several knit outfits, as well as some hand sewn clothes that I have kept to give to my son when/if he decided to have children."

However, she explained, her brother, who recently announced he is expecting a baby, requested she pass the baby items on to them.

"I politely told him that I could not do that, that I was saving those items for my son, and that I was sorry, but I am not giving those to him," she said firmly.

This upset her brother, who called her "greedy and selfish," with her sister-in-law getting on the phone calling her "insensitive", as her brother doesn't have anything from when he was younger.

"I then repeated what I told my brother to my SIL and said that it was going to my son, and that I was not budging on this," she explained, adding he did have some items that their grandmother made for him, but many of the items were lost or destroyed

"He is a recovering addict, and the items he took when he moved out of my mum's house were either lost or ruined when he was moving from place to place because he didn't take care of them," she said.  


"My aunt said that to 'keep the peace,' I should just give him what he wants."

Admitting that she was afraid she would never see the precious things again if she gave them to her brother, she firmly told her aunt she wouldn't be passing them on because she wants them for her own son.

"My brother and SIL have been harassing me nonstop since last night," she said. "My SIL has threatened to take me to small claims court and sue me to get the items."

"I have since blocked both of them from everything, including social media," she continued, before asking users if she was I the wrong for not giving them the items.

Uses agreed that she had no obligation to pass on the items to her brother, especially since he'd ruined his own.

"Your brother and SIL's behaviour is beyond ridiculous," replied one user. "At first I thought this was about a family heirloom like a cradle or christening gown passed down for generations...nope."

"It's your son's baby things for you to keep and do what you'd like with. Blocking them was completely the right decision."