Newborn baby killed by family pet

Harry Harper ... Victim of dog attack in his home.
Harry Harper ... Victim of dog attack in his home. 

An eight-day-old baby has died after being attacked by his family’s dog.

Mikayla Bell, a 19-year-old mum from Ketley, Stropshire, in the UK, had been home with her newborn son, Harry, for only a few days when the tragic incident occurred.

Details of the dog attack have yet to be released, but the Daily Mail reported that the baby suffered a crushed skull after being bitten once by the Jack Russell-cross on November 20.

Neighbours reported that at the time, Ms Bell ran out of the house screaming, “My baby, my baby!”

Baby Harry was rushed to the local hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after being admitted.

The dog has since been destroyed.

Just a day earlier, the new mum had tweeted about her new son, writing, “Not gonna lie this little boy gets far too many kisses.”

Days after his November 12 birth, she tweeted a photo of him and described him as “my life”.    

A neighbour said two dogs lived at the house with Ms Bell, her parents and four siblings.  


“I know one of the dogs is very vicious,” the neighbour said.

"I tried to post a Christmas card through the letter box [in the door] last year and it went for my hand as I posted it through.

“It was only small but a vicious little thing.”

On its website, the Jack Russell Terrier Club of SA says the breed is foremost a hunting dog, and that the animals are “commonly known to harass, injure or kill other small pets, such as cats, birds, rabbits ...”

The website also warns that Jack Russell terriers “will NOT TOLERATE even unintended mistreatment from a child. Jack Russells are not recommended for households with children under the age of six”.