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Mark and Amanda

What Jack taught us

Amanda had battled through IVF and an incompetent cervix; giving birth at only 24 weeks pregnancy. Baby son Jack had waged his own battles; winning the fight to meet his parents, even for just a very short time.

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All-girl Family

All-boy or all-girl families

Are you a parent of same-sex children? Two Essential Baby mums tell what life is like in their all-boy and all-girl families.

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Breast cancer survivor Nicole, with two of her children

Nicole's story

In June of 2005, was 36 years old, I was mother of four beautiful kids and married to the most wonderful man. Cancer was the last thing on my mind - I was too busy worrying about my kids who were aged 13, 11, 8 and 21 months.

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Hannah Plint

Hannah's Mum

Little Hannah drowned in her backyard pool in October 2007. Her mum Katherine tells of the devastation that followed and why she has started Hannah’s Foundation for families of drowning victims.

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