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Due In Group Guidelines and Info

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Welcome to the Due in Group.


Please feel free to join the group for the month in which your Due Date falls**.


The support that members can receive from a Due in group is a special thing and it often leads to long term friendships.


Once all the babies are born a parents group will be opened for your Due In Group.


The Chat group threads are only to be opened and closed by a Moderator as this saves confusion.


Group Size Do not be daunted by the amount of people who are posting in the group at the start, the DIG's are a very popular area of the boards but do slow down as the threads (pregnancies) progress.


Signatures. I know this is a really exciting time in your lives and you probably want to tell the world (and the EB world) your exciting and often long awaited news (and rightly so) but bear in mind our EB signature rules ie. that only one image is allowed at one time (one ticker or banner for example) and that the size of your sig should not exceed 30 kb.


Facebook With the popularity of FB some groups decide to have a group on there as well. The rules on this are that the group needs to stay separate from this one (ie no personal issues arising on FB (if any) are to be bought onto EB and members are free to post in one or both groups. A group link can be added to the 'list' that most groups have with a person to contact (via email/PM) for access to keep threads here from becoming clogged with FB requests etc.


As your moderator I am here to help so please pm me if you have any questions or feel there is a problem in your Group.


Congratulations on your Pregnancies and I look forward to sharing the next 9 months with you all.






**FYI: We also have a Specialised Pregnancy Support Groups can be found here and you are welcome to post in both areas (here and the Specialised Pregnancy Section) if it is of interest to you. It is a great place to find extra support if you have health concerns or specialised pregnancy concerns.

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