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Hi all


In the topic description line of your thread, I am going to trial putting the type of birth you have posted about, unless it is already stated in the topic title.


Vaginal birth = for vaginal births

Assisted birth = for all forceps and ventouse births

Planned caesarean = for all pre planned caesarean deliveries (including those that dont make it to planned date). This covers those births that are medically indicated caesareans that weren't truly ELECTED by the patient.

Unplanned caesarean = generally those classified as Emergency Caesareans

Homebirth = planned or unplanned

Waterbirth = planned or unplanned


Hopefully this will enable people who are looking to read particular types of birth stories, to better access the information they want.


I will go back and edit those that have been posted since beginning of June initially and continue with those that are posted from now on to see how this works.


If you have any worries/issues/concerns with the above, could you please PM me.





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