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April 2010 Parent Group #24

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sjm - how's Charlie's head? How's everything going with number 2? Are you still resting?


Ra - it's great that Max has dropped his overnight feeds! Now to see how long it takes before you adjust and don't wake automatically in the middle of the night.


Lou - how are the repairs going on your house?


Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been so exhausted that I just crash in front of the TV as soon as Atticus is in bed and the washing up is done. Atticus is getting better at sleeping again, but he's still waking up more regularly than he did before we went away. One of his molars is taking a REALLY long time to cut through, and it's bothering him so much more than any of his other 11 teeth.


It's really sad, but I think I'm going to go to bed now. There's a dreadful lurgy that's been making its way through my work colleagues and I'm beginning to feel I might get struck down with it. God I hope not!


I will try to peel myself off the couch and post more regularly...

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Wow, Bronze


Hi Everyone


I have been reading but not being very good on the posting side either.


Lou how is you mum going? How are you going with it all, your mum, Toby being constantly sick and all the renovations?


Sjm, I also wanted to ask how Charlie was going? Poor little one.


Flying Kiwi, lucky you and dropping of the night feeds. I wish Miss Rhiannon would get the hint sometime soon.


Meljb I hope that you are getting some sleep now.


Mccarro I am glad that Atticus is getting more sleep now for you. I can understand the exhaustion bit at the end of the day at the moment.


Does anyone know how Jazzbaby is going? I often wonder.


AFM Miss Rhiannon has her third ear infection in less than two months. This time she threw in temps around 40+ degrees. Fortunately I was able to cope at home although at one stage I thought she was going to go into seizure on me and end up in hospital. Fortunately she gave that idea up really quickly. Over the last 48 hours she has been very clingy. Last night when DH tried to take her to give me a break all she did was scream and as it was the middle of the night we decided that I would keep her so that at least some people in the house could get some rest. The worst part was watching her just lie in the rocker, just watching but not moving, we had had to put her down as DH had to go to work and I was trying to get Elizabeth ready to go to school. I was lucky and my parents were able to take Elizabeth. All Rhiannon did was lie there, not move wrapped in a blanket. It was so unlike her, normally my fear free baby is off into everything, you can't leave her anywhere unattended. She is now on medication again, along with panadol for the pain, although I have stopped the panadol today as she doesn't seem to need it anymore. The panadol was the only thing controlling the temps, I knew when it had run out because she went straight back to 40 from around 38 degrees. We start school holidays on Friday afternoon so I am hoping that will enable Rhiannon to really beat this bug that is hanging on and get over it. Hopefully it will leave the house because over the last week DH and Elizabeth have started to show signs of it and I am starting to not feel that great either. As long as I can keep Elizabeth free from it or at least keep her to a mild dose that would be good.


Rhiannon found her nose today, it has been funny as when we have said 'where is your/Rhiannon's nose?' she has pointed to our nose.


Hope everyone is well.




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Charlie is fine now - thanks for your concern.


Bub on the way is going well too - lots of kicks. 24 weeks today which means we have a 'viable' baby - first milestone. Next one is 28 weeks - every week is a bonus right now. All is stable and boring at the moment. - fingers crossed it stays that way!


Fiestycat - have you considered grommets for the ear infections. Charlie has them and it really helps a lot.


Mccarro - poor atticus and his teeth, I hope they come through quickly.


flying kiwi - hooray for Max! It sounds like he did really well. How are YOU coping? I hated weaning - made me so sad.



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Very quickly as I can hear Toby waking up ....


SJM - yay for 24 week mark. POOR Charlie and poor you, must have given you a big fright.


FIESTYCAT - poor Rhiannon and poor you, its awful when they are sick


ME - DH away on sales conference from last Monday until next Friday, I posted about it in Venting on Sunday night and got told off for expecting empathy (which I was not getting from DH). DD waking frequently in the night (head cold and cough), and Toby waking at least once too (cold, cough and teeth), Toby's paed appt for potential gross motor delay is this Thursday, same day as Mum's op to remove her cancer (core biopsy last week indicated its low grade and positive for hormone-receptors, cross fingers this is right when all pathology done). Don't ask about house repairs, have to ring insurance co again this morning - they sent me a letter yesterday declining part of our claim. So yeah, all good aside from lack of sleep :wacko:


BIG NEWS - Toby pulled himself to standing twice yesterday, for very first 2 times!! :dance:


STATS - can't remember exactly but at 12 mths he was 9.5 kg which was I think about 30th percentile for weight and about 50th percentile for height and head.


Lou :)

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lou - I hate the venting section on EB - people seem to think it is an opportunity to ream other people - not a place I want to be.


It sounds like you are having a really rough time, stress about your mum, lack of sleep, stupid insurance and trying to cope with all that while DH is away would be stressful. Feel free to vent in here - I think we are a much more supportive group than EB as a whole.


Good luck with the paed visit and for your mum too. I hope everything goes well.


Hooray for Toby pulling up!!!! :D

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SJM - thanks sweetie, such kind words!!


L xx

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Hi ladies,

Lou - you just aren't winning right now are you :( Hope all goes well for both Toby and your mum tomorrow. If my DH was away I'd be venting too, with everything else going on you certainly have the right to!


sjm - so glad you have reached 24 weeks. Now just keep those legs crossed ;) I saw an old neighbour today whose little boy was an unexpected 29weeker (they were on hols at the time, she had to deliver interstate, well away from family and friends) Anyway, he is doing really well now, he must be over 2 by now, no sign of being premmie. He's doing so well she's pg again, must be about the same as you, she too is keeping everything crossed that this one stays put until at least 30 weeks.


fiestycat - poor Rhiannon, hope she comes good soon and I really hope elizabeth avoids it, i know how bad it is when she gets sick. Jazzbaby is doing well atm, she's set up a craft business crocheting and knitting stuff, I gather she's really enjoying it. teaching dance again too on Saturdays. She's mostly in a good head space now, with the odd bad day or 2, but mostly she's doing well and Mason is doing great.


Ra - yay on dropping the night feeds! Annabelle has decided she wants to start them again, im trying to put a stop to that quick smart, but she's winning atm.


mccarro - hope you are feeling better today. We're struggling with one molar too, it keeps coming up, not quite breaking through, then sinking away for a day or 2, it's driving me nuts!


we've had a busy/difficult week. I managed to give DH and I food poisoning last Thursday night :( I spent as much of Friday in bed as possible but it wasn't easy with both kids here and no help. Dh went to work and complained about it, it's not like he couldn't take sick leave :rolleyes: Anyway, lack of sleep, pmt and being sick made for a not very pleasant Mel over the weekend. Not helped by DH being less than helpful for much of it - I nearly came into EB to vent, but thought better of it because of the type of comments a DH vent usually elicits! Work is not the most pleasant place to be either, we have a very, ahem, difficult woman in our staffroom and she has been at her worst for the last couple of weeks - thank goodness it's holidays, maybe when we get back she will have calmed down.

On a brighter note - my friend had a baby last Friday, so I get to have newborn cuddles this weekend and I can't wait :) She's very proud of achieving a VBAC, although she tore very badly she thinks the tear is still better than a c-section wound. Also, it's our 7th wedding anniversary this weekend and DH and I are going out for dinner, one of the day care teachers is baby sitting for us. And to end my essay, Annabelle has discovered she can play peek-a-boo with us - she keeps putting her hands or other things over her eyes to hide from us and then pulling them away, she thinks it is hilarious and we think it's just gorgeous.

oh, one more thing - I got the invite this morning for my 20 year school reunion :o Im feeling rather old and just a bit nostalgic today too

Edited by meljb

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Hi all!


Just a quick post to see how everyone is!


Mel- enjoy your wedding anniversary! I hope you're feeling better after the food poisoning.


lou - hope everything gets better for you soon. Good on Toby for pulling up!


*waves* to every one else

Edited by mccarro

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Lou - You and Toby have been on my mind - how did his paed visit go? Also how did your mum's surgery go. Thinking of you.

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Hi ladies


Many thanks for the messages of support.


Child care rang me at work at 1.30pm today, I could hear Toby screaming in background, I brought him home, Nurofen (its teeth, I'm sure), cleaned his dirty bottom, he was very thirsty, then into bed and out like a light. Poor mite.


Mum's op went fine yesterday, she's now resting at home. Results, grade of cancer and treatment plan we get next Thursday when she next sees the surgeon.


Toby's paed appt. Yes he has gross motor delay but no obvious cause, no big alarm bells. She recommended physio (waiting for appt), and hip x-ray just to be sure (tuesday morning). She was actually more concerned about lump between his eyebrows which has been there for months and not changing size. So we have to go see a neurosurgeon at Royal Childrens Hospital on 20th July. I am trying not to worry.


I'm feeling crappy, tummy cramps last 2 days, I'm sure I am not sick, just stress reaction, my body's way of saying please slow down/get some more sleep/reduce stress, which is fine except I have no idea how to manage any of that right now. I've had this type of thing before, like during exams at uni, I'll cope.


Lou xx

Edited by ~*Lou*~

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26 March 2010
Kitty 2010 (Keisha)
Baby: Roman :babyboy:
Siblings: Sahara
Roman is ... cheeky, full-on, demanding! (hoping the demanding bit will change LOL)

27 March 2010
Baby: Cooper Corey :babyboy:
Siblings: Seth (6yrs), Alyssa (4yrs) and Addison (2yrs)

30 March 2010
Baby: Owen :babyboy:
Siblings: Chantelle 2 and DSS. (5)
Owen is a... cheeky little monster

2 April 2010
mccarro (Heidi)
Baby: Atticus :babyboy:
Siblings: 2 cats + :babyflip: EDD 3 March 2012
Atticus is ... determined, cheeky, smiley

7 April 2010
emily~and~girls (Emily)
Baby: Abigail Louise (Abby) :babygirl:
Siblings: Madeleine Elsie (Maddie) 1 July 2008
Abby is a... squealy snuggly booby-monster

flyingkiwi (Ra)
Baby: Max :babyboy:
Siblings: 1 fur baby (Loki the cat) + :babyflip: EDD 22 March 2012
Max is a... crawling, dribbling cutie

8 April 2010
Avabella (Louise)
Baby: Ava Louise :babygirl:
Siblings: Firstborn!
Ava is... cheeky, bubbly, content

Mummyjane24 (Jane)
Baby: Samuel James :babyboy: and Alexander John :babyboy:
Siblings: Sophia Rose and Jacob Stewart
Samuel and Alexander are... mischievous, bouncy and snuggly

10 April 2010
sjm218 (Sarah)
Baby: Charlie :babyboy:
Siblings: 2 fur babies + :babyflip: EDD 18 October 2011
Charlie is a... smiley happy baby

11 April 2010
Kirsee (Kirsten)
Baby: Oliver :babyboy:
Siblings: none yet...
Oliver is... incredible, intelligent and cute

12 April 2010
meljb (Melissa)
Baby: Annabelle :babygirl:
Siblings: Matthew (Sept 2007)
Annabelle is a... placid, happy red-head

livesarah (Sarah)
Baby: Setriakor (Setri) :babyboy:
Siblings: none
Setri is a... big beautiful boy

13 April 2010
~*Lou*~ (Lou)
Baby: Toby :babyboy:
Siblings: Claudia (about to turn 3)
Toby has... chubby cheeks and dimples

15 April 2010
guru nakal
Baby: Oscar :babyboy:
Siblings: Jasper 7 yo
Oscar is a... cheeky, talkative, baldie

19 April 2010
Fiestycat (Sarah)
Baby: Rhiannon :babygirl:
Siblings: Elizabeth (5)
Rhiannon is ... a blessing, bright and bouncy

20 April 2010
lowerplentymum (Annaleigh)
Baby: Paterson :babyboy:
Siblings: Acacia, 2.5yrs (born 19th Feb 08)
Paterson is... cheerful, chubby and cherubic

26 April 2010
I-believe-in-miracles (Felicity)
Baby: Annabelle Poppy :babygirl:
Siblings: Molly Grace 6 yrs, Joshua Anthony 4 yrs
Annabelle is... placid, precious and perfect

5 May 2010
JazzBaby (Alison)
Baby: Mason :babyboy:
Siblings: 1 fur baby
Mason is... cute, cheeky, perfect

Fiona78 (Fiona)
Baby: Angus :babyboy:
Siblings Molly (2005) & Hugo (2007)
Angus is... perfect, happy, chubby.

*** MIA ***
19 March: SadieMae (Jinny) & baby Xavier
26 March: SusieK (Susan) & baby Megan
3 April: KatieJo (Kate) & baby Mia
3 April: YasshaunJ (Yas) & baby Evie
3 April: Nikkiandkids & baby Imogen
9 April: Annikag (Annika) & baby Eloise
11 April: Lisa~bo~bisa (Lisa) & baby Felicity
12 April: Mumoflewis (Sam) & baby Elijah
12 April: Katebald (Kate) & baby Andrew
12 April: NatW (Natalie) & baby Jemima
14 April: Dani & baby Oliver
15 April: Mum2monkeyboys (Kirsty) & baby Lachlan
16 April: Charliemum (Kate) & baby Josie
20 April: Mum2BVVW (Vicky) & baby Riley
20 April: 15yeargap (Maggie) & baby Henry
22 April: Oddsox (Amanda) & baby Dylan
22 April: RachealJane (Racheal) & baby Sophie
22 April: Thespottedcat (Catherine) & baby Anna
23 April: Paris-Stella (Jennifer) & baby Harry
27 April: FukuroLady (Dee) & baby Sadie
30 April: MsMarti (Martina) & baby Georgia
4 May: Stacey82 (Stacey) & baby Noah
5 May: NYE (Amie) & baby Hayley
6 May: CurlyEm (Emily) & baby Saskia

(Please let me know if you're mistakenly on our MIA list and I'll fix it)

Please add yourself to our list! Post (or PM to me) the following details:
EB name
Real name (optional)
Baby's name
Baby's birthdate
Describe your baby in 3 words Edited by flyingkiwi

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Lou - fingers and toes crossede verything's fine with Toby and your Mum :bighug:


Just popping in with some exciting news - after a moment of abandon in Greece we've come back with a pretty big souvenir from our trip to Greece! EDD is 3/3/12, so it's still very early days, but hopefully everything goes smoothly! :D

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wow, that's great news mccarro! Hope it's a sticky one for you :D


Lou - :bighug: thinking of you, hope it's all ok with toby and your mum

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Lou - so glad that the gross motor delay wasn't cause for concern. I hope the bump on his head isn't anything either. Here's hoping your mum's prognosis is good too.


mccarro - awesome news!!! Congratulations! What a wonderful souvineer!!

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mccarro - whoo hoo! thats fabulous news!! fingers crossed!!


me - I got a phone call from the physio for Toby this morning, offering an appt this afternoon so I grabbed it. Only down side was I didn't think it through until mins before the appt, ideally I would have parked Claudia somewhere and taken DH with me - will do that next time (30th July)


She had Toby and I on the floor playing with toys and gave me some ideas (written it all down) for how to encourage him onto his feet, pulling up etc. She did say he will be a late walker, although didn't say how late - clearly he is a long way off as not confident on feet, very wobbly, can't be encouraged to move weight from one foot to other, or to try to step with support (so not what she called "pre-cruising" yet).


Lou :)



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Congratulations Mccarro, wonderful news, I hope that you have an uneventful pregnancy. :)


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guru nakal

Hi ladies

Have been a combination of very busy and very slack, reading every so often but no time to post. hope everyone is going well.


Will try to remember for personals!!


Lou, grrr about the house still stringing out, hope things are on the up. Been thinking of your mum often, I hope things are ok there. Glad to hear Toby is making progress and standing some.


sjm - sorry to hear about Charlie's bump and pleased to hear that you are still travelling well. It is a relief to know that your enforced rest seemd to do the trick!


fiestycat - wow - scary about Rhiannon being sick, hope she is on the mend now.


mccarro - wow :o what a souvenir - much better than your average snowdome after all!! congratulations! I hope that you are feeling well and resting when you can.


mel - ah those staffroom antics, gotta love them!


I am off to school camp tomorrow, wow its going to be cold too! Oscar is going great guns, growing into his role within our inherently bossy family. Last week, no one was listening to him, so he came and stood in between the three of us and yelled down the middle of a paper towel roll. He's no shrinking violet that's for sure! He was sick last week too, 3 days of constant carrying, crying and inability to sleep unless cradled in my arms. Crikey, that put the pressure on, I don't think I've ever been so tired.


Looking forward to a couple of weeks break for holidays next week, still at work no doubt but at least a bit of time to step back.


Thinking of you all and hoping that you are loving and hugging your families.



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Hi all! Have been MIA - finally kicked the EB addiction. Need to work on the facebook addiction again, but it's not as bad as it was. :lol:


Have read a few pages, but it's too late to write a detailed reply at the moment. Will hopefully have a chance to come back tomorrow and write a longer update and respond to what everyone else has written. (Thanks for thinking of me too Fiestycat :))


Lou - thinking of you and your mum today - I hope the appointment with the surgeon goes well.


Mccarro - Congratulations!


SJM - I see you :ninja: Hope all is going well with your pregnancy.


Hello to everyone else xo

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jazzbaby - welcome back! We've missed you!!!


guru - love the story and the mental picture of Oscar asserting himself in your family!!! Good for him!


lou - great that you could get into the physio so fast!


AFM - Well my clumsy boy fell again on his head on the weekend. We were at some friends for a bbq and there was a kids pool and very smooth concrete . . . you can guess the result. Poor little sausage has another bruise on his forehead. DH totally freaked out, I was actually pretty surprised. I always thought he would be good in these situations, but nope, total panic which never helps with an upset bubby. Anyway it was all fixed with a cuddle, some ice (for the few seconds he would tolerate it) and a cup of milk. 10 minutes later he was running around smiling again.


Does anyone else have such a falling baby?


Charlie is also pretty much feeding himself now which drives me nutty as it is messy and takes ages, but he is happy and very proud of himself. He will still let me feed him when he is very hungry as long as he has a spoon. I can also occassionally trick him by getting him to say Ahhhh! DH thinks it is mean, but without my help dinner can take up to 40 minutes!!


He has also gotten very chatty lately. We got to daycare today and he said Hi to the other kids arriving at the same time - soooooo cute!


I am continuing to feel good, a bit tired, but no other dramas - hooray!


Hi to everyone else!

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Hi all!


sjm - Atticus is a bit of a klutz too, and often falls over and hurts himself. He already has a pretty good scar above his eyebrow from one fall on the concrete :o


Jazz - welcome back! Keep posting...


Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I'm feeling Ok at the moment, just tired and hungry!


The tiredness has got a lot to do with Atticus waking at ridiculously early hours for the last 5 nights, and refusing to go back to sleep. We can't figure out what's waking him - he might be cold, so tonight I've put 2 sleeping bags on him (a 0.5 and a 2.5, like a sheet and a quilt). This morning he'd done a poo, but it seems to be a different thing every morning. Before we went to Greece, if he woke up early he was content to play in his cot for awhile before he demanded our attention, but now he just cries and cries. We've got guests at the moment too which adds an additional layer of stress to the matter. I've googled it a bit and it seems there's normally a growth spurt at the age, so maybe he's just waking up hungry. Any advice welcome!!!!


time for dessert now - MIL has made Blancmange and I'm keen to dig in.

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the seriously long absence. All ticking along here.


Fiestycat - that must have been scary, high temps worry me. I had a febriles when I was young. Including one in the bath when mum turned her back to get my towel. I hope R is better now it is awful to see them so unwell.


Lou - OMG! Vent away!! You poor thing. I hope all goes well with your mum. What a pain re insurance. Not what you need. Terrible timing with DH away. My BF's DH is travelling a lot ATM she has 3 kids and commented the other day that she doesn't know yow I do it. The difference is I am used to it now and I get 'timeoff' when kids go with XH. I'm guessing when DH returns he's exhausted and still busy. So not much help...?

As for Toby and GM delay. I can't say I know much about it, but was chatting with one of the kindy teahers the other day and her DS didn't walk until 23months. He is now school captain of Scotch. So perhaps Toby is just taking things in his own time. :)


SJM - baby on the way, congratulations! I gather there have been a few problems. I hope all continues uneventfully for you.

Angus has also had a few falls. I think it's because he never walks, he is always running at full speed. He hit his eye last week on the change table, very close call! He also fell up some bluestone stairs, trying to walk up rather than crawl!! He cut his lip and gum, lots of blood. I was picking him up from XH at the park at the time. I wasn't happy I could see it about to happen but was too far away to do anything. DD and DS have dentist today so I will get her to check for damage.


mccarro - also expecting wow congrats.


AFM feeling settled in the house. Finalizing last few things for the divorce. I still can't believe it's happening. Not that I would go back, but just feels strange.

Kids are doing well, XH's GF still around and having more and more contact w kids, including Angus, which I really hate.

Angus is doing really well, Mr independent, want to do everything like DD and DS. I'm still BF dropping to just 2 ATM. He's also been night waking and wanting a feed, not that it really helps, but nice to know I'm not alone!!

I better go, have to go to mums to walk the dogs, she adopted mine a few months back. She works on Thurs so I take the three dogs out, should be fun today w 3 kids and the Arctic conditions in Melbourne. ;)


Hi to everyone else. Fiona

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hi ladies


FIONA and JAZZBABY - lovely to hear from you


ME - Toby going well with the pulling to standing and some wobbly cruising. 2 weeks until we see neurosurgeon at RCH - no idea how worried i should be. Mum starts radiotherapy early August for 5 weeks. insurance co have stuffed us round, sent a 4th person out (we are getting passed round) who was appalled at state of the house and damage done, and how badly we have been looked after. I feel like I am operating in a complete fog, no concentration, no appetite, loosing weight, sure I'm not doing things well (not great employee, not great daughter, not great wife, not great mum, not great friend), sure someone will tap me on the shoulder soon and tell me I've missed something ...... ho hum.


Lou :)



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Hi everyone!


~*Lou*~ :hugs: , you certainly have a lot on your plate at the moment. Great news that Toby is starting to cruise. My niece is 5 weeks younger than Max and only just pulling to standing, and nobody seems worried at all. So I gather it is still within the range of normal, or at least not completely abnormal.


fiona8791, great to read your update. Sounds liek you're coping really well.


mccarro, congratulations :excite: fantastic news.


sjm218, Max has his fair share of bruises too. He is just overconfident sometimes, and other times he just gets distracted and doesn't look where he's putting his feet. He's also running a fair bit now, which is a worry. The other day he walked into a wall for no reason - just wasn't looking. But a cuddle for a few minutes generally fixes things. Max is showing no interest in feeding himself (other than finger food) but perhaps I should be thankful. Great to hear your pregnancy is continuing uneventfully!


JazzBaby, good to see you back!


guru nakal, good to hear from you again too. Hope school camp went well and not too freezing.


AFM, we've just had a lovely 4 nights away visiting friends and family. Everybody we caught up with had only boys, so Max spent time with 7 boys aged 6 months to 10 years at various times - he had a ball. His current obsession is stairs, so we have to be super vigilant whenever there are any around. He really loves his books too, which is great.



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