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Early Childhood Education -- Birth to 5 Years

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Links to EB Articles:


Your Child's Education

Australian children attend school from around 5 years of age for approximately 12 years, depending on which State or Territory you live in. Each State and Territory is responsible for its own education system.


Crehe expectations

The rules of rugby are confusing. The laws of conveyancing are confounding. But for sheer mind-bending inscrutability, the topic of child care trumps them all.


EB Guide to Starting Preschool

So your child is making the transition to Preschool. You finally rang around all the child care centres you registered with when your baby was still in the womb and got the offer of the three days you require – albeit not the 3 days you had hoped for!


Adapting your Toddler to Childcare

I'm sure it's not a generalisation to say that the vast majority of children experience some degree of anxiety when starting daycare. But like any new stage in our children's lives that parents and child approach together, be it, breast/bottle feeding, introducing solids, sleeping through the night, or toilet training, a little investigative research, a positive vibe, lots of cuddles (or "huggles" as my kids say), patience and perseverance, all go along way.


Is Your Child Ready For School?

Your pre-schooler might know their alphabet and be able to count to 20, but are they ready for school?


School Readiness - Points to Consider

The Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, has compiled this list of considerations for parents.


Preparing Kindergarten Children For School

A study's surprising findings may lead educators to rethink how they prepare children for school. Prep children believe they should be taught to recognise numbers, letters and the sounds letters make before they start school.


Choosing a School

You may think you have plenty of time to decide what you are going to do about schooling, your little one may only be six months/one year/a toddler. Think again. If you don't already have your child's name down at the school of your choice you may miss out. Carol Fallows has put together a checklist of things to consider when choosing a school for your child.


Off To School We Go

Starting school can be a rather emotional time for everyone - some of those mums at the school gate even have a tear trickling down their cheeks. Carol Fallows has some advice to help all first timers - from kids to mums and dads.


Buying clothes for daycare

Children's clothing can have a significant impact upon their health, safety and wellbeing, say The National Childcare Accreditation Council. Therefore, there are a few factors to keep in mind when buying clothes for daycare.


Nannies can be a super option

The nanny is not just limited to the wealthy anymore. With many families having both the mother and father working, hiring a nanny is becoming a more popular option, writes Lisa Wachsmuth.



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Useful Childcare Websites:


Early Childhood Australia



The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

EYLF Families Guide





National Childcare Accreditation Council

Child Care Information for Families


Family Assistance Office



FAO - What is Child Care Benefit?

Child Care Benefit


FAO - Can I get the Child Care Rebate?

Child Care Rebate


FAO - Fee Assistance

Jobs Education and Training Assistance


Community Childcare



Child Care Tax Rebate



Childcare Subsidies

Childcare Estimator


The Australian Government Child Care Access Hotline

Child Care Access Hotline



Find a Child Care Service


Family Day Care Australia



Find A Babysitter


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