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September 04 Parents # 109

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Hi all,

A flying visit from me as usual :S


Yes Michelle we have a new addition to our family - Bob. He is a 3 month old Border collie cross something LOL

We are hoping he doesnt get too big, but he is already the size of our Border Collie cross corgi- Marley.

You have probably guessed by now , why we called him Bob :D


Marley is adapting quite well to having Bob around annoying him, but our other dog Bella, a Jack Russell, really cannot stand him. He only has to trot by and she is growling at him,:(

He is not very bright when it comes to doggy socialisation, he doesnt care if Bella growls at him, he thinks its fun and wants to play all the more.

Needless to say, so far we havent been able to leave them all alone for very long.

Bob packs his bag and goes to work with DH. Apparently he is really good when hes at the workshop, so it seems to be just mixing with other dogs that we need to tackle.

He is sooooo cute though. I found him sleeping on the step last night and looked very cute.

We had planned to get another dog, as Marley is 12 and Bella 8 and they really arent bothered playing very much with Liam and Owen, so we thought it would be good to find a 3rd. Yes we are crazy!!!LOL

There are pics on my blog for anyone who wants to coo at Bob.


anyway had planned to write more but its now school pick up.

More on my blog if anyones interested and ill try to get back later for personals'

Take care


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Sal wow, 3 dogs – my boys would be in heaven, I’m so getting pestered for pets at the moment (told them we’d have to wait till we move)


MJ My credit card’s been getting a huge workout too, I’m about to ban myself, lol. I’ve done so much online this year and am in pretty good shape, only a few things left to get. Only 2 weeks till the end of term and we go to NZ, hopefully everything will arrive in time (4 packages arrived today and my new lappy, woo hoo)

Our tree’s going up this weekend too, very unsure about whether Master N will let it stay up!

Yup, I think A looks grown-up too – was looking at some photos just 4 months ago and the change is dramatic – our dentist had said their faces really change as they get adult teeth through and that’s been the case for us. I ordered the first size 10-12 t-shirt for him too recently, which just seems insane, but then again the size 10s I’ve recently got have fitted him fine :-O I’ve told N he has to stay small and runty forever ;)


Bec Whatever happened in the end with childcare for next year for you? Have you managed to get it sorted? Wow, I can’t believe Q (and Natalie) are already 1, it seems like yesterday you guys were pg!


:waves: to everyone else


In busy mode here, hate the way everything gets so hectic as soon as you hit November. Looking forward to the Xmas break though – we’re going to have a very quiet one at home, can’t wait. The boys are good, N is turning into such a little rascal. He and A are very much co-conspirators now, we’re in trouble ;)


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Been ages since I was in here, sorry!


Busy with returning to work, kids and me have been sick, now I'm sick again! Mum has been in hospital, now my grandfather is in hospital and we've had Q's 1st biday (OMG yeah 1 already!!) and K's 4th b'day in 3 weeks too!!


re daycare. No we didn't get the two days we needed :( we got offered a Wed & Fri for Q and a Wed afternoon and Fri for K. Needless to say we were not happy! We still have them enrolled there just in case someone else pulls out for that half day that we need to make up a full day, but if not we will have no choice but to leave the centre at the end of the year which will be sad as we have been there since C was a baby. The kids attend another centre now too seeing as we couldn't get any extra days for them this year and so we have them enrolled there for the two days we need for next year so that if we don't get our first preference we still have another back up which looks like the most likely thing that will happen anyway. I'm quite happy with the other centre too so that will be fine if it happens that way.


Bec xx

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