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Hi everyone,


I am currently the moderator for the 6-12 Months section of EB. You will find lots of useful information and tips here and it's a great place to ask questions about your quickly growing and ever changing babies!


If you're looking for a Parent's Group where you can chat to other parents with children the same age as your own, they can be found HERE


From time to time posts come up asking for professional advice, so I will take this opportunity to add a quick reminder regarding these types of posts:

You must not post financial, legal, medical, health or other professional advice that may result in detriment to users.

You must not tell other members to avoid seeking professional advice.

In all cases we ask you to seek medical, health and professional advice and never rely on advice given on the boards.


Here are the links for the Forum Rules and the Code of Conduct for your convenience.


Please feel free to contact me via PM if you have any questions, problems or concerns. If the matter is urgent, you can use the Report Post button located at the bottom of each post.


Thank you,



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