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November 04 Parents # 697

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:tongue: Yeah, I know, what terrible decisions. But it has been a long time coming as we couldn't have time away back home. No weekends free and could never get school holidays off so we have to make up for it now, and get in early for when we return as if we go back to the same, it will be the same! ;)


Lecture. Cripes. Times that by 4 and that is why I'm tearing my hair out. Honest, I feel like a mediator all of the time. I know I shouldn't lecture, give the reasoning simply but it seems I lecture :blink: Feels like it.



Caro - Not sure. Maybe the teacher didn't mean it to sound quite like that? But that is not what she should say. It should be more along the lines of that now the work really starts, we can still have fun times but we need to learn and I need all of you to put your big kid pants on sometimes so we can all understand the work etc. I feel Aggi has been disillusioned over here. In that there seems to be no reward or recognition for work. I think sometimes Australia goes over the top (giving out a reward for every little thing) but OTOH, kids need to be encouraged and most respond to knowing they have done a good job.


I find Aggis new home teacher (actually, it is the mother of her other teacher who has just had a baby and she came over from the US to take over the class) a little stiff. At the last info night I thought her ideas sounded great however the reality has been much different. She used what I see as a stupid penny/coin jar but the kids can get coins removed as well (other teacher never actually took away coinds). The teacher says that the kids can earn the coins back straight away but that isn't what Aggi has told me. Aggi has been told off a few times for chatting and has to remove coins from the jar. This is with everybody watching, mind you. Being told off and having to remove coins from the communal jar which means it takes away from the weeks total. Very demeaning for some kids. Then she says she does the right thing and tries very hard to exhibit the right behaviour but doesn't get the coins back. There are no rewards for really good effort in things. She says it happens often. Talk about dividing and a-portioning blame and everyone missing out if one or two children does the wrong thing :glare:


She also sort of ruined one of Aggis work that needed cutting by taking it and cutting it up a little too roughly saying Aggi needed help. Aggi replied no that it was okay, then the teacher said "No, you really DO need help". Aggi has come out from school with tears streaming down her face on 2 occasions.

You see, the reader thing. From what I can make out, home readers are supposed to support and be easier, than what she does at school and instill confidence in the child. Unless, like here, they don't have time to do the reading in class? But I assume ACT is the same as most other states in Aus and there is morning and during school reading?


So, after all of that, I don't know if I would shrug it off. Maybe she will get results but I have seen Aggi go from a child who showed great spark and a love of learning to a child who is now having to struggle with finding any joy in it. Surprisingly, her favourite class is german. But her teacher tells her she does really well and is encouraging, patient and makes her feel good about herself. That's the difference.


Sorry, that was really long winded.

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