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Signature Guidelines

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Dear Members,


Please take a minute to read the Signature Guidelines.


* ONE image per signature. This means either one ticker, OR one static image.


* Your image or ticker is to be no bigger than 470 (wide) x 160 (high) pixels, and no bigger than 50kb in file size.


* Flash signatures are NOT permitted. This includes the photobucket slide shows that are appearing.


*Pregnology tickers are not allowed. This is because they are too wide and distort the entire forum.


* Signatures (and tickers) must not contain any commercial links or links to competitor sites. Links can and will be removed. Links to personal businesses are also not permitted.


* The Essential Baby Forum Rules apply to signatures


* We ask that you use common sense when selecting images for your signatures. Please do not use naked pictures of your children. Please do not use pictures of other people without their consent.


* Signatures of an explicit nature, or ones that contain sexual references or connotations are not appropriate for Essential Baby. If we think your signature crosses the line, you will be asked to remove it. Failure to do so will result in us removing it for you.


Freckles is our signature and technical moderator, and can help you with any signature queries. If you see someone with a signature that is outside of guidelines, you can alert her to it - please do this via the PM system.


If a member has a signature that is outside of the allowed specifications, they will be sent a PM or email by the Signature Moderator and asked to remedy it. Failure to do so will result in the image/offending signature being removed from your signature by Admin. Repeat offenders may have the signature privilege removed indefinitely.


These guidelines are in place to help people on slower connections, as well as helping the site stay within its templates. Images over 470 wide throw the screen out and create a white space at the top - which we all know can be annoying.


There are no exceptions to these rules. No one receives special treatment, the rules are the same for everyone, mods, admin, members. If we all stick to the rules, there will be no problems!


Thanks, and again if you have any problems, please let the Signature Moderator know.



Essential Baby

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