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PLEASE remember that whether or not you AGREE or DISAGREE with Young Mums having babies, the reality is that most of these people have come to EB and are already pregnant, facing one of the biggest periods of their life.


Parenting is hard whether you are 14, 24, 34 or even 64, but we want you all to remember that EB is all about SUPPORT, and these debates we are having are all well and good, but we also stress the fact that this part of the boards should be supporting each other, and not questioning them in any way,


Constructive advice is one thing, but bringing these people down is not going to encourage them to seek the support and advice we believe EVERY Essential Baby member is entitled to, whether you are very young, or very old, or somewhere in the middle.


Please report issues/comments in the Messages to Mods forum here: http://members.essentialbaby.com.au/index....act=SF&f=29


Please also remember to familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct here: http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/parenting/...90119-7kik.html

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