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lucky 2

Mod Information and Additional Guidelines for this forum

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lucky 2

Hi everyone,


I will be moderating in this forum, please feel free to PM me with any concerns, questions or comments.


All matters relating to the New Age or Spirituality can be discussed in this forum.


If you wish to ask fellow members specific questions that involve predictions or clairvoyance please post in The Crystal Ball forum.

If you would like to ask for recommendations for a Psychic please post in the Crystal Ball forum.

Please make yourself familiar with the guidelines before posting in that forum.

All prediction type questions posted in this forum will be moved to The Crystal Ball forum without leaving a link.


Please make yourself familiar with the Additional Guidelines for this forum, see below.


I hope you enjoy visiting and contributing in this forum original.gif .


All the best,


lucky 2


EB code of conduct





Additional Guidelines


Some forums require specific guidelines designed to cover situations that fall outside the scope of the EB Site Rules. This is one such forum.

It is hoped that these "Additional Guidelines" will provide members with clear directions on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in regards to posting within this forum.



* Public discussion concerning a particular Psychic/Medium/individual on the boards, these topics will be closed with the option of feedback via the PM System if desired

nb. Members may request recommendations but these topics will be closed to prevent public discussion as above

* Conducting business within the forum or via the pm system, this includes:-

- posting about your or someone else's business or psychic services including courses, workshops or classes

- contacting a member and offering your professional services/reading

- contacting a member and asking for a professional reading/service


If a post breaches these guidelines it will be removed.

If you have any concerns about business being conducted via the PM System please make contact with the Moderator of this forum or Administration.



Revised Guidelines 11/01/12

Edited by lucky 2

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