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December 09 Parents # 17

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GOLD! :dance:


wendy - hooray for you on daycare!!!


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Nothing much to report here. Had a shcking night with Adam last night, he wasn't crying, just restless the whole night long! fingers crossed we have some better sleep tonight.

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Hello all. Hope everyone is well.


We're not doing too badly. Finally seem to be sickness free - fingers crossed we can stay that way for a few weeks. Work has been really busy and have just had lots of bits and pieces on. Took a day off from work yesterday and to mum's place. Kids were good and had a lovely day so that was nice.


Currently packing as we're heading to Bundaberg for the weekend. We'll probably leave at 5 this arvo, stop at 6 for dinner and to feed Caitlin and then head on up. We'll come back on Sunday some time. And then only a week til we're on holidays for 7 nights. So lots of packing and unpacking but nice to get out.


DS has been pretty good lately and a fair bit better behaved. Still some issues with #2s which is annoying but hopefully we'll get on top of that soon.


Caitlin is doing really well. Sleeps through most notes but then woke at 11.30 last night for a feed. Fed and straight back to sleep until 6.45 but still. She's loving all types of food now and cries if she sees anyone eating and they don't give her any. She's been in such a good mood the last few days, lots of laughing and giggling. Still no crawling but she gets up on hands and knees and then flings herself forward to get where she wants to go.

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Hi ladies!


Managed to grab 5 minutes to post. DS1 is visiting his nanny and Hamish is happy as larry sitting on the floor playing. Everything going well here. Settled back into work and have just had a good performance review. Although they are keen for me to work more and take on more responsibility which I don't see as realistic as I would like at least one more child and really have no desire to work more than 3 days a week.


Hamish is continuing to thrive. I really love the age he is at now. He is sitting up really well and is now rolling all over the place. I was trying to work from home on Monday and Hamish managed to roll under the clothes airer and was having great delight in pulling off all the clothes. He is just a delight - rarely cries and is always so smiley. He is a much better eater than DS1 ever was and eats anything and everything. I take Jack to a children's music class on Fridays and today they gave Hamish some clapping sticks and he surprised everyone by clapping along to the songs (not in time or anything but he clearly got what they were about). He has also passed the 10kg mark!


Suziej - I use a magicall at night stuffed with the bamboo booster they come with plus a BBH bamboo fold up. He sleeps through most nights so I find that amount of boosting is perfect. I do have a BBH night nappy as well but don't use it much because it is so bulky and the cover is a pain.


Mercurial - Enjoy your weekend away. Sounds like you have a busy few weeks coming up.


Wendy - Great news on the daycare. I use family day care for Hamish and I am very happy with it and it is so much better only being exposed to 4 other children not 20 odd like if he was in a centre.


Well I best go tick another couple of jobs of my list before I have to go and collect Jack. Have a fun weekend all.












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Hello Mummys


Hope you have all been well. Haven't checked in for a while. Ryker is crawling like crazy and walking around furniture. He is also teething and has the chicken pox.


Also i have just found out I am pregnant, it would only be about 4 weeks, I did a a home test because Ryker has the chicken pox and I know it can be harmful to pregnant women. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the go is, I dont think I have caught it just Ryker, and as Hubby works away I have been in full contact with him and the pox?

Any info would be appriciated, Im seeing my GP on Monday anyway.


Thanks Jamie:)

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Hi all!!!


Congratulations MrsJT - I am not sure, but I think the CP is worst when dealing with a newborn, and measles is the problem in pregnancy -but I am no doctor. Fixed Ryker's birthday.


Mercurial - will text you.


Others - will do the full roundup next post - I am so slack!!!


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wow mrsjt congrats...and wow good luck!! Ryker sounds like he going ahead in leaps and bounds great work...I can't help with the cp either sorry!! I hope all is ok though and you have another happy healthy baby!!

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Congratulations MrsJT!!! I actually wondered only on Friday who would be the first to announce another pregnancy.


I'll pop back in later.

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Congratulations MrsJT! that is very exciting news! :)

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Congratulations MrsJT!!


We finally have teeth, two bottom ones have come through. BBL


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Hello Mummys


I have had my test for chicken pox and am in the clear..YAY! Also had my bloods and it looks like im about 5-6 weeks, which surprised me because I thought I would only be a few weeks since I had a period on 30th June ( 1st day)....unless it means theres 2 in there, as I have twins in the family.


Kitty- can you remember if your hormone levels showed you were further along than you thought until you found out you had twins.


Jax- Yay for the teeth


Thats all for now, will keep you all posted:)

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wow Mrsjt good luck 3 under 2 that will be pretty busy!!...I have to say even though I have had a tough few days and nights with my little man I would still love to have twins...one of each then I'd have two boys and two girls!! I don't know that I will convince dh to have anymore babes but I just keep telling him I am not done yet..that I know there is at least one more baby in me!!! We have twins in our family too!! Oh cluck cluck hehehe!! I wish you all the very best. Will you be having a dating scan? Hopefully you will and you can find out nice and early if there is one little bubba or two!!

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Hi ladies


sorry have been MIA, had a very busy few weeks.


Congrats MrsJT on baby number 2 (and possibly 3)


Mum2ali&lachie - great news on your new family day care, hope it keeps the bugs away from your little boy now and he can have a period of being nice and healthy


AFM, busy busy busy, the market stall was a bit quiet but I am perservering, got invited to another market that is a brand new one but just considering the costs and whether it will be worth it etc

DD2 is going well, even getting a tiny bit more sleep recently *touch wood* still not in bed until about 9.30pm but sleeps now until around 5/5.30am and only needs to wake for a burp around 11pm every couple of days not every day. her 4th tooth is coming through, she sits really well and has a bit of a bum shuffle if something is out of her reach, still won't roll though, gets onto hands and 1 knee, the 2nd knee keeps staying hooked under her but she rocks away and then lunges forward to reach wha she wanted (DD1 didn't crawl until 10 months so I am not expecting DD2 to move anytime too soon)


And a big Happy 3rd Birthday to DD1, so we still have a busy week as her party is this weekend (we have had a birthday party or 2 every weekend for about a month, this last weekend was 3 parties) so we are a little bit worn out!!


Have a great day everyone, keep well!!

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I'm finally back in the land of the living! its been a loooong few months with all sorts of things going on - good and bad. Most important - I finally feel like things are a bit back in control and I can actually do this! I feel a bad I've not been keeping up with every one here - I hope I can get back in the groove!


So no persies but here's where we are at


DH - still working ridiculous hours, but seems happier in himself - which makes my life easier. He's loving having DS around and I just love watch him with either or both of the kids.


DD - is 3 going on 25. She is SO funny and sweet, and infuriating and annoying! Her arthritis is now officially in remission! Woohoo! She is now running and jumping and dancing around the house, even asking for me to put on music so she can dance. Seeing as 18 months ago she couldnt' even walk with out limping or run with out crying I just watch her and smile. Its great! She's now enrolled at pre school for next year - OMG - PRE SCHOOL - already!


DS - Jared is awesome! he is such a chilled out kid who just laughs and rolls around and is easy! He's not sitting or doing anything exciting - I guess he'll get there! He rolls back and forward and seems content to do that. He refuses POINT BLANK to eat off a spoon but give him anything he can hold and he'll gum it to death. So we've been doing that and he's good. Hasn't refused anything yet -unless its mush - so that's good! I'm still BF'ing and FF'ing as well, and he's happy with that, but he's not sleeping through yet. he's done it a few times but not regularly. *sigh*


I better try and get some sleep - hope every one is well



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canberracath - so glad to hear about DD's remission with the arthritis. That must be so wonderful to watch her running around pain free. Sounds like things are working themselves into a life that's doable. DH's long hours must be hard, but nice he seems happy, makes a massive difference.


katiebelle - shame the market stall wasn't a massive success - keep trying though. Happy 3rd birthday DD1. We've had super busy weekends too, it's lovely to be out and about socialising but it's exhausting too. No downtime.


mummy2ali&lachie - cluck, cluck indeed by the sounds of it! I feel so settled with our family as is, hard to imagine everyone jumping back in for another one.


mrsjt - wow a twins possibility. Have a look at the beta base website for averages of HCG at different DPOs. Hopefully you can have a dating scan soon and suss out how many. Fantastic for no chicken pox.


Hello to everyone else.


Been really busy here with lots of different things. Bundy was great but as usual felt like such a whirlwind trip. The surprise 80th went really well and the guest of honour was so pleased to see everyone. Had a beautiful dinner at a family owned restaurant up there. Kids were ratty and tired but we did expect that.


DS's behaviour has been slowly getting worse again. DH is dropping him at his mum's at the moment so I can have a day of sanity tomorrow.


Caitlin is doing well, fourth tooth well through and another one on the way. Still not the second top front tooth though. She scrunches her nose up all the time and you can see the big single top tooth, looks so funny. Had a rough night last night with her coughing in the middle of the night and she took ages to settle.


She can now push herself up from lying down to sitting so she's happy with that. Not crawling yet but lunging for things. She's quite mobile. Absolutely loving all solids and grabs at everything she sees. Cries if she sees us eating and doesn't have anything herself. After being able to say dadadada for ages now she's now saying mamamama too which is cute.


It's taken two months but I've twigged she's got teeth so needs them brushing. Brushed her teeth for the first time tonight in the bath and she thought it was great fun.

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Mercurial - tooth brushing - eek - I hadn't thought of it either!! I was going to text you while you were up here, but have now self-diagnosed phone agrophobia!! Glad you had a good time - it was a lovely weekend weather-wise.


CanberraCath - how wonderful to see your daughter pain-free. How did you manage it?


katiebelle - are you a member of ABA? Your product would be great to promote through their groups, I would think. I do love mine - I have just invited all the midwifes/new and expecting mums on Facebook to your page.


mummy2a&l - oooh, looking forward to any surprises!


mrsjt - twins would be - interesting!! My MIL was the youngest of 6 - twins, single, single, twins (her twin was the only boy) - and there were 6 under 5 in that house - Grandma Ruth was 23 when she finished.


jax - ditto here


Okay - was working through the list and then had a very discombobulated evening with little one - due to the new tooth (I hope) - BBL

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ok scrap my previous post no more babes for me please...mine is hard enough!! I am so exhausted..Lachie is back to his old self waking 15 times an 'fn' night...me on the verge of a break down..actually I think it pretty much happened!!! Wednesday I was so tired and so over feeling like I have no clue with parenting that I pretty much cried all day!! Wednesday morning I found out my aunties mum (my cousin's grandma not mine) passed away in the night. She wasn't a close relative by any means for me but I feel so sorry for my aunty and my cousins. Today I went in to work worship (I work in a religious school) and asked everyone to pray for my family at this sad time......totally lost it, burst into tears in front of all the staff...then told the principal I had, had enough of crap in my life and having no sleep heheh whoops. I had all my friends bring tissues and cuddles and offers of taking my classes for the day instead of having non-contact. I took a deep breath and sadi no I will be ok I am just so very tired..I have no class for the first lesson so will sort myself out then. So I went into my classroom and hung pictures of my hubby, dd, ds, nephew, niece and my doggy!!! Lachie and I are booked into go to a day sleep school...I still think I may have underlying pnd which is ok when I get some sleep but rears it's head when I get none. I just wish I knew why he wont sleep and if there is something I am doing wrong that I need to change!!! I am so tired, so very tired. I love my boy but I have to say some days I don't like him so much with the grumpy, grizzle bum no sleeping baby stuff...then he laughs at me or smiles and I melt arghhhhhh my emotions are so all over the place. My house is a mess my washing is piling up and I have a uni assignment that is sooooo over extended because I just can't focus and get it done! arghhh oh well I guess when I am feeling like this I need to stop and think hang on my friend has had it much much worse of late...her grandad died so her grandma decided to stop eating and follow him and then her best friends daughter (9) who she loved like her own was killed in a car crash in her aunty and uncles car. Her little man Noah is a shocking sleeper like Lachie and her son is having a lot of issues at school because of everything that is going on...who am I to complain!! Oh well sorry for the me me me post!!


Katiebelle sorry the market didn't go too well.


Cath so glad DD is in remission that must have been so horrible to see her in so much pain.


sorry that's all I can muster....Hey to everyone else!!

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Oh Wendy - big big hugs! huge hugs! You're doing great with everything on your plate. Love from us!


Katie - About Jo's remission - we havent' really done anyhthing to cause it - arthritis comes and goes as it pleases. She's on half of the anti inflammatory meds she was so we're just hoping we can get her off it altogether, as it messes with her stomach (makes her stomach lining bleed, which makes her anaemic, and hurts). What we have been is very proactive with is keeping her active and felxible through swimming twice a week, dancing and stretching classes once a week, and being very vigiliant with doing her physio exercises at home. This has meant that thus far she doesn't have any muscle/tendon shortening or constricitions on her movement in the joints. Theoretically so far so good. We see the specialist again on the 25th so we'll see!


Mercurial - we just bought Jared's first toothbrush too! He's only got two teeth on the bottom but I'm getting in early!


Have a good weekend all!



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Hi ladies! Finally got some time to post something :) Glad to see we're are still updating how things are going, its so good to see our little ones growing and developing.


Wendy: I got all teary reading your story, I'm sure we all know what thats like when things get on top of us. When I get like that I think of my mum and how she managed. She had 6 kids too, so whenever I'm feeling 'oh woe is me' with my one little girl I stop, think of my mum and tell myself to harden up! lol Quite natural to get stressed. I've been way too stressed lately and my psoriasis is flaring up again :(


Cath: Good to hear about the arthritis, I am just imagining Jo running around and dancing :) What do they forsee as being the long term issues?


MrsJT: Congrats!!!! We will be trying again for another one probably later this year. I don't even have my periods back yet (sorry TMI). My hubby was a twin but there are no twins in my side of the family so I doubt I will be so lucky. My SIL is pregnant with her 3rd baby, they have 2 girls already and were hoping for a boy but it's another girl! This baby is just wrecking her though, shes suddenly become allergic to almost every food since becoming pregnant and has gone to the hospital several times and carries an epi pen. Every pregnancy seems to hit her so hard, they talked of 4 but I think this will be the last.


Mercurial: yay to healthyness!!! and to teeth! Abby is still gummy but she's been a bit whingy lately so I hope they're coming (to explain the whingyness otherwise I'm stumped!) I've been looking at your christening cake again. We've got our top tier of our wedding cake to do and mum just got it out of the freezer so I'm yet to look at it and see how I'm going to remove the icing. I watch way too many cake shows on Foxtel so I am really trying NOT to go beyond my skills lol.


AFU: Aby is eating pretty well. We had a bit of an effort getting her to like proteins but she's ok on everything so far and no signs of allergies phew. She's eating mashed stuff now and eates some things with her fingers. Lunches definitely improved since putting her lunch into a bowl in front of her so she can put both hands in it and ....decorate, yes thats the word, herself, the chair, the floor... What has not been going so well is her daytime naps, she is getting quite upset when I put her down in her cot, and I'm trying everything. She's also pooing a LOT more since the increase in solids, which I don't mind but it is so unpredictable and gets her so upset so I'm forever checking her nappy now. She's addicted to any toy that moves or moves her. She LOVES the Jolly Jumper and the swing we have for her outside. I'm actually a little concerned she might get too addicted to them. No crawling yet but she's rotating 360 and starting to try to move to get things out of her reach but doesn't seem motivated enough.


Christening is coming up. I bought some scrapbooking software to make her invites. Pretty happy with my first attempt. http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff330/G...AbbyBaptism.jpg


Anyhooo gotta go, she's letting me know, quite noisily that she's done playing with her toys now.


Take care everyone!

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ok feeling a tad better but still not great. We are back on wrapping!! Sorry Maren I just had to try something else I love the suits and they were a god send but not sure what's going on with my boy so had to try something new...so far not too much better but he hasn't been wrapped for months so I figured if it was going to make a difference it would take a while anyway. I put Lachie's medication back up to 15mg a day about three days ago and am going to day sleep school on Tuesday so fingers crossed something works.


Audry very lovely work!! I am thinking of going in to making nappy cakes I made a motorbike today yet to take photo's as it's in Lachie's room but i posted some pics of the pram version I posted on fb here is the link.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4555183&id=777904372&ref=fbx_album.



Well today I had a pretty full on day..cleaned the house from top to bottom, washing done, Lachie's baby clothes sorted and anything he's grown out of is now put away...then we headed to Macca's for a coffee with my mum, sis and nephew. While we were there something terrible happened. My sister was ordering my nephew something to eat, mum was with DD doing the same and I was watching Lachie and my nephew Harry. A girl quite big, looked about 14/15 maybe walks in with a little boy who looks to be about 18months. They are playing but he starts crying so she picks him up and is swinging him around but he's still crying and she's being pretty rough. she then shoves him into the base of the slide to play in there...he's screaming so she picks him up and looks like she is cradling him and trying to soothe him. He's screaming more..I look and she is punching him in the back, she then thumps his legs, pinches his tummy with her full hand and pulls his hair. I look at the man in the room and say is this girl with you? he says no. I say she's punching that baby..he says yeah she looks like she's being very rough. I look again and she throws the little boy on the floor. I feel sick. My nephew walks in watching the girl and looks at me and says..she's hurting the baby. I told him to sit with Lachie and stay there. My dd starts walking into the play room eating area, I said get Tracey. She goes to get my sis and I went into the girl. She now has the boy in the bottom of one of the climbing sections and is hitting him all over his body. I said to her your hurting him give me the baby..she grabs him onto her lap and says he's mine, he's mine and starts crying I said let me hold him and make him feel better, she grabs her phone out of her pocket and rings someone. A large older lady comes in and I say she was punching this baby. She grabs the little boy and cuddles him, grabs the girl and starts walking out...in the mean time my sister has called the police and is telling them to get there asap and what she has seen is happening. She hands the phone to me and I tell them what I have seen and they say they will be there asap. They soon arrive, three cop cars, six cops, they do what they need to do and then call me and tell me they are wards of the state and a report has been made and that family services will be investigating it. I feel sick, so sick!!! well hubby is doing his usual and is on at me about money and this building a house thing...always quizzing me on things like the new day care lady etc!!

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turns out the girl was 12 and had a mental disability....I say who cares she should not be left with that baby ever that poor poor little boy!!

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Oh no - how horrible, Wendy. Poor little tykes - yes both of them, because why was a 12 year old of WHATEVER ability in charge of a baby?

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Hi everyone,

Just checking in to say a quick 'Hi'. I have done a bit of a read and catch up, but I'll have to do some more reading to get back into the groove too.

Congratulations MrsJT. I hope you are feeling well.

Wendy: As I mentioned on FB, that must have been a nightmare to witness and it just makes you want to keep your own bubs safe and loved. I hope that little boy is ok, my heart goes out to that little fella.

We have had an intense few weeks. Imogen our daughter broke her leg in three places at gymnastics doing an arial which is a cartwheel without the arms. She had a stay at the Children's Hospital and has plaster up to her thigh. They had to do a painful bone realignment last week and we go in tomorrow to see if her bone is still straight. We have hired a wheel chair and she goes back to school on Wednesday. Poor girl; she was so very brave and stoic and has been very patient and coped emotionally with missing out on her Gym Comp season and her school musical.


Banjo is seven and a half months old, is sitting (wobbly), but no crawling yet. He does love to be held and that is his preferred state, so not enough floor time maybe. He is such a happy little bub and has stacked on the weight since beginning solids. He has a great appetite. His favorite is pumpkin, home made chicken stock and farex all mixed together. He also loves other unusual combinations such as avocado and banana mash and banana, chicken stock and pumpkin. I make up huge lots of chicken stock with organic veges, free-range chicken and lots of oregano and then freeze them in small lots. He loves it. Banjo is not eating big chunky things though; he gags on those.

Hello to everyone. Hope to post a bit more frequently, but have been really tired, exhausted actually. ;)


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