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I don’t trust her husband ...

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And people wonder why men feel so emasculated and left out of their child's lives these days!!! It's irrational paranoia like this that destroys the fabric of a community, and gives a bad name to the 99.9% of loving Fathers out there.


Just because they're male doesn't mean they're a paedophile!


Stop reading the ridiculous over-coverage and over-reactions of the mainstream media on these issues, and just get out there and respect your fellow man.


I believe the writer was merely referring to one particular man, not "men" in general. Unfortunately there are sociopaths among up, mostly men, who lie, manipulate, and otherwise hurt other people, children included. I was married to one, he fooled me into believing he was the perfect husband and father until he was jailed for a sex offence against a minor.


So get off your high horse and face the reality that creeps, pedophiles and other criminals are among us and most of them ARE men!


If I had listened to my gut instinct I would not have been subjected to 18 years of abuse from a MAN...

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To David Johnson


I think you have no idea what you're talking about.


We (as humans) have instincts for one reason and one reason alone - TO PROTECT US.


The OP wasn't talking about "all men" - just one bloke she doesn't trust with her child.


OP - and anybody else reading this thread - go and read "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Beckett. Then go onto the Bravehearts website and get age appropriate material that we can read and share with our children about them being safe and speaking up.


I think you should always trust your instincts. They have no ulterior motive - only one - TO PROTECT US.









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Whilst as Trophy said, David Johnson is just 'frustrated', it is his ALL OR NOTHING attitude that does the damage to women and children in this country.


The fact is that culturally the well being and respect of women and children, in this country, still has a LONG way to go.


Obviously not ALL men are abusers whether it be, physically, emotionally or sexually, but abusers ARE rife, and the majority of them ARE men.


The view point that Trophy has is a lot more balanced and what we need perpetuated in our society. Until the MAJORITY of men, start protecting all women and children in our society by speaking out against the perpetrators of abuse, including the sexist comments etc made by factions such as sporting groups, the situation is not going change.


Do I distrust all men, no....in fact I would say I trust most men.


Do I trust my instincts......YES 150%.


Do I teach my children to trust their instincts yes I do!


Do I care if there are men that get upset about my way of protecting myself and my children - most definitely not.



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I go with gut instinct everytime, there are a couple of men my daughter will not be unsupervised with. However... there are also a couple of Mums I wouldn't leave my chidlren with either.


My 'No' feeling is more a safety thing than a sexual thing, but I count the predator feeling in the safety bucket.


This isn't all men/women, its just those where that feeling comes in your gut that says 'No'.

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I know this is an old thread but the topic is (unfortunately) always very relevant.


I've been a sexual assault counsellor.


Rule number one in protecting your children and yourself from sexual assault and abuse: trust your instincts.


Don't be worried about offending (or emasculating :rolleyes: ) anyone. Your instincts are there for a reason. Trust them.


Your kids are at risk. The risk of sexual abuse of girls is 1 in 3. It's a massive, real risk.


Be alert and if you don't trust someone, for any reason, no matter who they are, don't leave your kids with them.

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AS for gut instincts - us men just need to let the Mums go with that one. I've seen proof enough to think it's something almost supernatural :ph34r:




I would disagree that men just need to let the mums go with that one. Dads too have the same instincts and they should also listen to their gut instincts. I don't think it's just up to mums but especially dads also and other family members too.


Everyone should be vigilent and making sure our kids are safe


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