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Dr's/Nurses/Hospitals discussions & mentions

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Hi Ladies,


We have been asked to post a general reminder regarding below:


Please understand that discussion of individual doctors, practitioners, specialists, midwives and so on is not allowed, as per our rules.

You must not identify or comment on any individual doctor, midwife, medical practitioner, hospital, business, organisation or other individual.


Due to these posts being potentially defamatory all posts of this nature will be removed from the site. Posts of this nature, can and have, resulted in legal action.


We understand your desire to discuss these issues - but unfortunately these discussions cannot take place on a published, public forum as we have legal restrictions placed on us.




This includes suggestions of doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics etc due to the fact that if you got the recommendation publicly on EB and something goes wrong EB can be held liable.

You are most welcome to pm suggestions and comments but please keep it off the boards.


Thanks for your cooperation,





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