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Starting/Buying a Business

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If you are thinking of starting or buying a business, the following links may help. As always please seek professional/legal advice when starting a business.


Government links



Business Enterprise Centres


These site will help in terms of what licences/regulations you need to be aware of. They also have marketing/business plans etc.


Work from Home Ideas



Buying a franchise (there are lots more however):



Buying a business (there are lots more however):



Registering a business name

Varies from State to state. In NSW it is the Department of Fair Trading.


Applying for an ABN/taxes etc

Australian Taxation Office


Registering a domain name

There are lots of places to register domain names. "com.au" names are more expensive than ".com" but better as they are verified and only certain businesses in Australia are licensed to sell them. A ".com.au" url will also rank better in local Google results. You should register both if possible. Be mindful about registering with the cheapest domain name registrar as their service/support might be poor, and over time you often need help to redirect/transfer domain names etc. Generally try to avoid having hyphens or over-complicated domain names.




Designing a website

Coming soon!

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Thanks for that. I have looked at those in the past. I have already started the business. I have been up and running for a few month. have decided to start marketing it now. Started out by word of mouth as i wanted to iron out any problems prior to advertising. It is going well but its more now working out the best marketing plan to hit the expectant parents.

With two young children at home I really wanted to easy them into the nanny and the idea of mummy working before I started working flat out on.

Lets hope it all goes well...

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

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