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Parent Group Guidelines

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Here are the few guidelines that we ask all participants in the Parents Groups to Follow:



1. I will lock and reopen threads any time after 70 posts, depending when the Moderator is in the area.


New threads will only be started ONCE a day, if your new thread surpasses the 100-ish post guideline over the course of the day, a new thread will still only be posted the next day.


The Moderator will incorporate a LINK TO PREVIOUS THREAD feature, so if you want to say something important, you can do so near the end of threads, as it is up to each member to go back and read previous threads!


2. New threads in this forum are started only by moderators and administrators.


3. ALL other Guidelines apply in these groups which apply on the rest of the Forum. Please go to this link for more information if you require it: http://members.essentialbaby.com.au/index....howtopic=166309


4. Please refrain from ANY form of swearing in the Parents Groups if possible. There should be no need to swear in this environment. Please realise that these are open forums, and anybody can read these threads. For the benefit of members in YOUR group, the wider EB community, and even 'non-members' who may want to join. Please refrain from swearing or using coarse language.


5. As you are aware, many member do not deliver their precious babies on their due date, as such some members may wish to move to a Parenting Group which is in fact different to their Due In Group.

Some members may continue to post in their follow on Parent Group and the Parent Group for the month they actually delivered.


Please respect each members right to chose which group they now wish to be a part of, as in the end it is important for each member to receive the support and friendship of who ever they chose.



Linking to EBay and other auction sites are NOT permitted on Essential Baby. This also includes in the Trading Areas. This decision was made last year based on member feedback. The exception is in the Second Hand Good Wanted forum.


If anybody has issues with the above, or if you want to report swearing (in confidence) please contact me.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Posted in error...sorry.

Edited by groovydee

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